Compiling ScummVM/BeOS/ZETA/Haiku

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Compiling ScummVM with GCC under BeOS

As ScummVM is relying on a BONE version you need the BONE network stack (ZETA and Haiku) version for BeOS to compile (needs libbind and libsocket).

For Haiku there is already a version available in the HaikuDepot, latest versions can be build with haikuporter out of the box, a recipe for version 1.8.1 is at this moment in waiting line to get approved into the haikuports repo at github. For instructions how to install haikuporter/haikuports look at Haikuports, Haiku comes with a recent gcc5 version that is able to build ScummVM out of the box.

Getting the source

  • Open a Terminal and type:
git clone git://

Tools/libraries needed

Mandatory (these should also install dependencies)


  • flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec, needed if you want to play compressed games without quality loss)
  • libmad (MPEG Audio Decoder, needed if you want to play MP3-compressed games)
  • libOGG and libVorbis (OGG Vorbis decoder, needed if you want to play OGG-Vorbis-compressed games)
  • libMPEG2 (.mpg video decoder, needed for the re-encoded cutscenes in Broken Sword 1/2)
  • nasm (The Netwide Assembler, used for HQx scalers)

Configuring ScummVM

Open Terminal and run configure with these options:

LDFLAGS=-L<path to where you have the libs/headers installed> ./configure --prefix=<path to where you want to install> --with-nasm-prefix=<path to nasm>

Compiling ScummVM

run make

Installing ScummVM

Run make install to install ScummVM (you can then run it using "scummvm" from any directory), if you are using a different directory scummvm will probably revert to the classic view due to not finding the gui theme in the subfolder but will nevertheless work ok.