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This page is still a draft, and lacks a lot of detail.

Compiling ScummVM using Docker


The following images are available:

  • toolchains/amigaos4
  • toolchains/android
  • toolchains/caanoo
  • toolchains/devkit3ds
  • toolchains/devkitnds
  • toolchains/devkitppc
  • toolchains/devkitswitch
  • toolchains/dreamcast
  • toolchains/gcw0
  • toolchains/iphone
  • toolchains/macosx-arm64
  • toolchains/macosx-i386
  • toolchains/macosx-x86_64
  • toolchains/mxe
  • toolchains/open2x
  • toolchains/opendingux
  • toolchains/openpandora
  • toolchains/ps3
  • toolchains/psp
  • toolchains/raspberrypi
  • toolchains/riscos
  • toolchains/vita

Installing the needed packages

Debian-based distributions

The following should install all the needed packages:

apt-get install git make m4 acl

Getting the source

  • Open a Terminal and type:
git clone
git clone

Getting the docker images

To fetch a toolchain image from the Docker Hub, issue the following command inside the dockerized-bb folder:

make <toolchain>/pull

where <toolchain> is the name of the toolchain you want to use. The following command can be used to fetch all toolchains at once:

make pull-toolchains

Using the docker images


docker run -v <path-to-scummvm>:/data/scummvm -w /data/scummvm -it <toolchain> /bin/bash