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Compiling ScummVM for Dreamcast under Linux

Tools/libraries needed

Mandatory (these should also install dependencies)

  • gcc-3.4.2 configured as a cross-compiler for `sh-elf'
  • binutils-2.14 configured likewise (don't use 2.15, it's broken for `sh-elf')
  • newlib for sh-elf
  • libronin-0.4


  • libmad (MPEG Audio Decoder, needed if you want to play MP3-compressed games)

Building the libraries


Configuring ScummVM

Edit the makefile in backends/dc to point to your libronin path, as well as your path to the sh-elf cross-compiler.

Compiling ScummVM

run make dist

For serial/IP upload, remove the "BUILD_PLUGINS" line from the makefile and just run `make', to get a static binary with the name `scummvm.elf'.

Further reading