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Compiling ScummVM with GCC under Linux

Tools/libraries needed

Mandatory (these should also install dependencies)

  • gcc-c++ (under Fedora Core, run "yum install gcc-c++" as root to install the GNU C++ compiler)
  • SDL-devel (under Fedora Core, run "yum install SDL-devel" as root to install it)


  • flac (Free Lossless Audio Codec, needed if you want to play compressed games without quality loss)
  • libmad (MPEG Audio Decoder, needed if you want to play MP3-compressed games)
  • libOGG and libVorbis (OGG Vorbis decoder, needed if you want to play OGG-Vorbis-compressed games)
  • libMPEG2 (.mpg video decoder, needed for the re-encoded cutscenes in Broken Sword 1/2)
  • TODO (tremor, libfluidsynth)

Building the libraries


Configuring ScummVM

Run the configure script - type "./configure" in the directory with the ScummVM source files. If no errors come up, you should be ready to compile ScummvM. Run "./configure --help" for a list of optional features (eg additional, not yet enabled engines).

Compiling ScummVM

run make

Installing ScummVM

either run ./scummvm from the current directory or run make install to install ScummVM (you can then run it using "scummvm" from any directory)

Further reading