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Compiling ScummVM/Nintendo DS

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Compiling ScummVM for Nintendo DS

Getting the source

  • Open a Terminal and type:
git clone git://

Tools/libraries needed

You must have devkitARM installed. Version r55 is known to work, more recent versions may work, but occasionally introduce non-backward compatibility changes which cause them to break compatibility with ScummVM.

You need to install at least the following packages:

sudo dkp-pacman -Sy
sudo dkp-pacman -S \
    devkitpro-pkgbuild-helpers \
    nds-dev \

Compiling ScummVM

The following command should be run in order to setup your environment variables for cross-compiling:

source /opt/devkitpro/

To compile ScummVM, issue the following commands inside the scummvm folder:

./configure --host=ds --enable-plugins --enable-all-engines