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Compiling ScummVM for Switch

This page describes how you build a Switch binary from the ScummVM source tree.

Building From Source

This port of ScummVM to the Switch is based on SDL2. It uses the open source SDK provided by devkitPro.

To build ScummVM for Switch:

  • Update package database and install libraries (see here for an updated list)
sudo dkp-pacman -Sy
sudo dkp-pacman -S \
switch-sdl2 \
switch-libmad \
switch-libogg \
switch-libvorbis \
switch-flac \
switch-libtheora \
switch-libpng \
switch-libjpeg-turbo \
switch-zlib \
switch-freetype \
switch-sdl2_net \
switch-curl \
switch-libtimidity \
  • Create a subdirectory somewhere outside the source folder for your ScummVM build and cd into it
  • Execute the command (once a curl-config script exists for devkitA64, the --disable-libcurl could be omitted)
../scummvm/configure --host=switch --disable-libcurl
  • Execute the command