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== Further reading ==
== Further reading ==
* [http://svn.sourceforge.net/viewcvs.py/*checkout*/scummvm/scummvm/trunk/README ScummVM README, Section 9.0]
* [https://github.com/scummvm/scummvm/blob/master/README#L2416 ScummVM README, Section 9.0]

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Compiling ScummVM under OS X

Compiling ScummVM under OS X requires setting up the build environment first, and then compiling the sources either via command line, or the XCode GUI

Things needed


This can be installed from the Apple Store

XCode command line tools

After installing XCode, open a terminal and type

xcode-select --install

Package manager

Getting the required libraries is easier with a package manager. The three most well-known ones are MacPorts, Homebrew and Fink.

1. MacPorts

Get the MacPorts installer for your OS X version from the MacPorts installation page

2. Homebrew

You can install homebrew by pasting the following into a terminal:

ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Homebrew/install/master/install)"

3. Fink

You can install Fink by downloading and building the source from the Fink Source Release page

Obtaining the required libraries

After downloading the XCode command line tools and a package manager, enter the following command to install all the required libraries:

1. MacPorts

sudo port install libsdl libjpeg-turbo libmpeg2 libogg libvorbis flac libmad libpng libtheora faad2 freetype zlib fluidsynth

2. Homebrew

brew install sdl jpeg-turbo libmpeg2 libogg libvorbis flac libmad libpng theora faad2 freetype lzlib fluid-synth

3. Fink


Compiling ScummVM via the command line

Configuring ScummVM

Run the configure script - type "./configure" in the directory with the ScummVM source files. If no errors come up, you should be ready to compile ScummvM. Run "./configure --help" for a list of optional features (eg additional, not yet enabled engines).

Compiling ScummVM

Run "make clean" and then "make"

Installing ScummVM

Either run ./scummvm from the current directory or run make install to install ScummVM (you can then run it using "scummvm" from any directory)

Compiling ScummVM via the XCode GUI

Creating an XCode project

  • Compile create_project inside devtools/create_project
  • Copy the generated create_project tool in the ScummVM root folder
  • Run the following:
./create_project . --xcode --build-events --disable-nasm

Build the XCode project

  • Open and build the XCode project
  • Note that you may need to change the project architecture. Click on the ScummVM project, and change "Architectures" to "64-bit Intel (x86_64)"
  • If you're using XCode 5 or newer, you will also need to go to Product -> Scheme -> Edit Scheme -> Run tab -> Options tab and uncheck "Allow debugging when using document Versions Browser", otherwise the invalid "nsdocumentrevisionsdebugmode" option will be passed to the ScummVM executable by XCode

Further reading