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Engine developer fuzzie
Companies that used it
Games that use it
Date added to ScummVM Not Added
First release containing it None

Games using this engine

Magic Composer was used for the following (released) games:


  • Magic Tales: Baba Yaga & the Magic Geese (1995)
  • Magic Tales: The Little Samurai (1995)
  • Magic Tales: Imo & the King (1995)



The 1999 version of Fisher-Price's Back to School: Reading seems likely to be using composer 4.0.

Other possibilities include the 1998 version of Jump Start Kindergarten Math and the 1999 version of Jump Start Preschool.


  • Timing issues need to be fixed.
  • V1 games are not yet supported.


These are script bugs present in the original:

  • Sleeping Cub demo: The spoon carver animation restarts and then freezes after you've clicked on him once and waited for a bit.

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