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         usedBy=''See [[Cryo#Games|Games]]''|
         usedBy=''See [[Cryo#Games|Games]]''|
         release=not yet|
         status=In Progress|
         status=In Progress|

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Engine developer wanwan, strangerke (Lost Eden)
Littleboy (Omni3D games)
elyosh, Md5 (Dune)
Companies that used it Cryo Interactive
Games that use it See Games
Date added to ScummVM 2017-02-07
First release containing it None


Several engines targeting different games have been started under the cryo name.

The engine to support Lost Eden has been merged into the main tree and the game is completable.

External engines with the same name that target other Cryo Interactive games are listed below.

Support for Omni3D games is in the Cryomni3D engine.


Games supported by the in-tree engine:

Omni3D games (Cryomni3D engine) :

Other games:


External Links