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Lost Eden

  • Open menu and replay last dialog, then press stop. hover over buttons - hint text will be misplaced
  • During valley location change some junk appears in the bottom half of screen for a brief time (broken transition effect?)
  • After game load in some areas (White Arch) top bar and inventory not redrawn due to (DrawFlags?) initialized incorrectly
  • Mac reload feature uses hardcoded savefile from eden.dat
  • First time in Tau's cave, try to take knife. When Dina objects, click on her - Tau's dialog will start (maybe it's original bug?)
  • Mouse clipping may be lost during FMV scenes
  • Screen doubling feature probably doesn't work (not really needed, can be replaced with built-in SCUMMVM scaler)
  • Tons of debug messages spam when hover mouse over party icons or menu buttons
  • King's bread drawn over inventory bar
  • PC cursor clipped too agressively
  • PC logos and credits videos won't play because encoded in old HNM format
  • Eye blinking works incorrectly?
  • Bogus hitbox in upper right corner of mirror screen (under mini-map)
  • Wrong frescoes cursor on PC
  • Junk on a valley entrance screen on PC
  • PC intro video is lagging behind of background voice