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The purpose of this page is to give a link to all kinds of resources that contain information valuable to current and future developers of ScummVM.

Getting started

That was easy, right? Here are some more tips:

For Engine authors

  • If you want to provide a new Engine for ScummVM, check out our Engines HOWTO.
  • If you work on a game engine for ScummVM, consider implementing Advanced Engine Features.
  • If your engine supports multiple games / game variants, properly detecting and differentiating them all can be a nuisance. Use the Advanced Detector to overcome this hurdle.
  • Accessing files in a portable fashion is non-trivial. Read all about how to open files.

For Backend authors

  • If you want to port ScummVM to a new platform, check out our Backends HOWTO.

Projects, plans, things to do

  • List of open tasks, with relatively detailed descriptions, and contact points. Some rather small ones, some bigger ones, take a look.
  • Main TODO list (contains links to many further specialized TODO pages, e.g. for specific engines).

The following are partially outdated, but kept for now for the sake of reference.


Our "new" GUI is themeable. If you are interested in writing a custom theme, the following may be of help for you:

Release Management

CVS/SVN statistics

Our commit logs are fed to several freely available statistics tools:

Team Member Benefits

Every active ScummVM Team member is eligible for enhanced access to our Project Services and some further benefits:

  • being added to our main credits (do it by yourself in scummvm/tools/
  • forwarding address
  • operator status in our IRC Channel #scummvm @ freenode
  • address cloak on freenode (in form of scummvm/undead/nick)
  • moderator status on ScummVM Forums and appropriate badge "ScummVM Developer" or "ScummVM Porter" or special one
  • ScummVM Wiki account
  • having development blog displayed on ScummVM Planet
  • using project donations for purchasing necessary things for the development, such as game copies, software licenses, etc.

If you need any of the above, talk to Fingolfin or sev.