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Engine developer sev, iskrich
Companies that used it Macromedia
Games that use it hundreds of games
Date added to ScummVM 2016-08-04
First release containing it None

The Macromedia Director engine was partially implemented by iskrich for the Google Summer of Code in 2016.


Director underwent huge number of versions.

History of the engine.

Games and software targeted by the engine

This engine potentially targets a very large amount of games:

See Director Games for a list of known games and software, and their current state of support in the engine.


In Japan at least D4+ was released under title マクロメディア ディレクター

Development and Running

Running any D3 or D4 mac target

Besides adding specific md5s, there is a shortcut for forcing a directory to be detected as a director game.

Create an empty file named "D3-mac" or "D4-mac" in the game directory, and it will be detected as the respective Director version

Starting from an arbitrary movie file

./scummvm --start-movie=HandV workshop

Here HandV is the name of a movie in the directory

Executing lingo tests

Point ScummVM to engines/director/lingo/tests, that will create target 'directortest'. Launching it will try to compile and execute all *.lingo files in that directory.

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