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Games and software

Product Platform Type Version Xtras Notes
A Color Clown Comes to Tows Win/Mac educational 4.0.4
AMBER: Journeys Beyond Win/Mac game 5
Apollo 18: The Moon Missions Win simulation 5 Consists of training and mission disk. Only the training disk is made with Director
Bad Day on the Midway Win/Mac adventure 4.0.4
Bookshelf 94 Win reference ? it's 2.0 or so, good for simple animations
Connections: It's a Mind Game Win/Mac adventure 4.04
Chop Suey Win interactive storybook 4.0.4
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Win adventure 8.5
Devo Presents: Adventures of the Smart Patrol Win adventure 4.0.4
Encarta 94 Win reference 2
Encarta 95 Mac reference 3.1
Encarta 95 Win reference ?
Escape from Planet Arizona Win ?? 4.0.4
Explorer of the New World Win ?? 4.0.4
Freak Show Win adventure 4.0.4
Gadget: Past as Future Win game 5 there's some discussion in scummvm forums
Great Adventures Fisher Price: Castle Win educational 6.0.2
Gundam 0079: The War for Earth Win/Mac game 5
I Spy School Days Win/Mac educational 6.0.2
Isis Win/Mac game 4.0.4
Jewels of the Oracle Win/Mac puzzle 4.0b1, 7
JUMP: The David Bowie Interactive CD-ROM Win multimedia 4.0
Kelly Club Pet Parade Win simulation 8.0
Learning Ladder - Years 1 & 2 Win educational 5.0.1
Majestic Part 1: Alien Encounter Win/Mac adventure 4.0b1
Meet Mediaband Win multimedia 4.0.4
Mia's Click & Create: A Complete Creativity Studio Win educational 8.5.0
Mia's Language Adventure: The Kidnap Caper Win educational Not Director
Mia's Math Adventure: Just in Time! Win educational 8.0
Mia's Science Adventure: Romaine's New Hat Win educational 6.0
Mirage Win/Mac adventure 4.0.4
Microsoft Dinosaurs Win reference 2
Mission Masters Math Grade 3 Win educational 5.0.1r26
Mummy: Tomb of the Pharaoh Win/Mac 4.0.4
MYLK Win adventure 4.0.4 indie adventure
Nine Win ?? 5.0.1 r26
Noir: A Shadowy Thriller Demo Win adventure 4.0.4
Noir: A Shadowy Thriller Win adventure 5.0
Opération Teddy Bear Win/Mac interactive comic 5.0 Released in multiple languages
Play and Learn: Reading and Counting Win educational 5.0.1F
Pyst Win adventure 5.0.1
Ray Bradbury's The Martian Chronicles Adventure Game Win/Mac adventure 4.0.4
Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure Win/Mac adventure 5.0
Safecracker: The Ultimate Puzzle Adventure (Demo) Win/Mac adventure 5.0
Secrets of the Luxor: Win/Mac adventure 5.0
Skyborg: Into the Vortex Win/Mac adventure 4.0.4
Spaceship Warlock Mac/Win adventure 2 FileIO
Spy Club Win ?? 3.1
Star Trek: Starship Creator Win/Mac simulation 6.0.2
Star Trek: Starship Creator Warp II Win simulation 6.0
Stay Tooned! Win/Mac action-adventure 5
Super Spy adventure 4.0.4
Symbiocom Win/Mac adventure 6.0.2
The Book of the Dragon by Ciruelo Win ?? 7.0.2
The Daedalus Encounter Mac adventure 4.0 Win version is not a Director
The Dark Eye Win/Mac game 4.0.4
The Journeyman Project Win/Mac adventure 3.1
The Journeyman Project 2: Buried in Time Mac adventure 4
The Journeyman Project Turbo! Mac adventure 4.0.3
Total Distortion Win adventure 4.0.4
Traitors Gate Win/Mac adventure 6.0.2 contains few extras
Tweenies: Ready to Play Win educational 5.0.1
Victor Vector & Yondo: The Cyberplasm Formula Win/Mac adventure 3.1.3
Victor Vector & Yondo: The Hypnotic Harp Win/Mac adventure 3.1.3
Victor Vector & Yondo: The Last Dinosaur Egg Win/Mac adventure 3.1.3
Victor Vector & Yondo: The Vampire's Coffin Win/Mac adventure 3.1.3
Virtual Physics 2, demo Win educational 5.0r134
Voyeur 2 Win adventure 6
Wallace & Gromit: Fun Pack 2 Win board 7.0
Who killed Brett Penance? (murder mystery case 3) Win adventure 3.1.3?
Who killed Sam Rupert? Win adventure 3.1
Win3.0 Multimedia Extensions Win reference 2
X-Files The Game (demo only) Win adventure 6.0
Yoho Ahoy: All Aboard Win puzzle 7.0
Zero Critical Win/Mac adventure 6.0.2