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Discord Server Project Service
URL(s) https://discord.gg/5D8yTtF
Purpose Provides a place for developers and users to meet and discuss
Maintainer(s) Eugene Sandulenko (Sev)

For all kinds of live discussions we use a Discord server. All ScummVM developers are members of the Devs group there, so if you have some questions, talk to them. There are several notes about usage of this medium:

  • Discord is not the best place for informing everyone about some important development conclusions. I.e. when you discussed something and came up with a solution, it's best to e-mail results to scummvm-devel. That is, don't expect everyone in the team to know that you uttered something on Discord.

We have several bots living on Discord:

  • Grogbot -- provides a bridge between Discord and our IRC Channel, so that all messages appear on both platforms.
  • Github -- commit notification webhook. Not technically a bot, this webhook notifies on all commits and PRs.