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Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!?

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Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!?
First release 1996
Also known as Discworld 2, Discworld II:
Mortality Bytes!, DW2
Developed by Perfect Entertainment
Published by Psygnosis
Distributed by Electronic Arts
Platforms DOS, PlayStation, Saturn
Resolution 640x480, 256 colors
Engine Tinsel
Support Since ScummVM 1.0.0rc1
Available for

Discworld II: Missing Presumed...!?, also known as Discworld II: Mortality Bytes! in the United States, is the second game in the Discworld series. The game follows a cowardly wizard named Rincewind as he is sent by the wizards of Unseen University to convince death to come out of retirement.


Required data files

For more information on how ScummVM uses game data files, see the user documentation.

DOS and Windows CD

  • *.BMV
  • *.CDP
  • *.MUS
  • *.SCN
  • Rename ENGLISH.SMP on CD1 to ENGLISH1.SMP (English version)
  • Rename ENGLISH.TXT on CD1 to ENGLISH1.TXT (English version)
  • Rename ENGLISH.IDX on CD1 to ENGLISH1.IDX (English version)
  • Rename ENGLISH.SMP on CD2 to ENGLISH2.SMP (English version)
  • Rename ENGLISH.TXT on CD2 to ENGLISH2.TXT (English version)
  • Rename ENGLISH.IDX on CD2 to ENGLISH2.IDX (English version)

The aforementioned files can also be named FRENCH(.SMP/.TXT/.IDX) in French versions, GERMAN(.SMP/.TXT/.IDX) in German versions or US(.SMP/.TXT/.IDX) in US English versions

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