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Engine developer whoozle, wjp, tramboi
Companies that used it Creative Reality
Games that use it Dreamweb
Date added to ScummVM 2011-06-15
First release containing it None

DreamWeb is a top-down adventure game set in a gritty futuristic/dystopian city. Each location takes only a small portion of the screen without panning (except an optional small zoom window in the corner that follows the cursor), with the player interacting with objects and people by simply clicking them. Ryan has a limited inventory space, and as a lot of objects can be picked up (many without any use), the player must rationalize what might be useful and just filler. Dialogue is straight forward, with no options, but still required to advance in the game (to find new locations, for instance). In situations where many adventure games often feature an indirect approach to solve a problem, Ryan often faces himself with situations where it's "killed or be killed", which result in deaths (sometimes of innocents).


  • WIP engine is in main source tree.
  • The original source code for this engine was provided by the developer.

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