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|- style="background:#efefef"
! width=100|Engine !! Games
! width=100|Engine !! Games
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| align=center valign=top| [[Cine]] ||
* [[Operation Stealth]]
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|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/ADRIFT]]||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/ADRIFT]]||
Versions 1-4:
* Versions 1-4: See [[Engines/Glk#ADRIFT|ADRIFT Games]]
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|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
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| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/AdvSys]]||
* [[Engines/Glk#AdvSys|AdvSys Games]]
*[[A.S.D.F.A. (A Short Damn Fantasy Adventure)]]
*[[Adrift: Drifting In...]]
*[[Adrift Maze]]
*[[The ADRIFT Project]]
*[[ADRIFTmas Party]]
*[[The Adventures Of Bob Bobsly]]
*[[The Adventures of Postman Matt (and his black and white cat)]]
*[[Adventures of Thumper™ - Wonder Wombat]]
*[[Agent 4-F From Mars]]
*[[Akari's Story]]
*[[Albridge Manor]]
*[[The Alchemist]]
*[[Alexis: Dalskee]]
*[[The Amazing TV Caper]]
*[[The Amazing Uncle Griswold]]
*[[Annihilation of Think.com]]
*[[Annihilation of Think.com 3]]
*[[Another Cliched Adventure Game]]
*[[Another Friday Party]]
*[[Another Friday Party 2]]
*[[Apprentice of the Demonhunter]]
*[[Archie's Birthday - Chapter 1: Reggie's Gift]]
*[[Argh's Great Escape]]
*[[Asylum (2001)|Asylum]]
*[[The Average Life]]
*[[Back To Life... Unfortunately]]
*[[Barney's Problem]]
*[[Beanstalk the and Jack]]
*[[Best Laid Plans]]
*[[Blood Relatives]]
*[[The book of Fistandantalus]]
*[[Buried Alive]]
*[[Camp Windy Lake]]
*[[Camp Windy Lake: Part 2]]
*[[Castle Quest]]
*[[The Cat in the Tree]]
*[[Cave of Wonders]]
*[[The Cellar]]
*[[Choose Your Own...]]
*[[Choose Your Own Three Hour Adventure]]
*[[Cloak of Darkness]]
*[[Cowboy Blues]]
*[[Crawler's Delight]]
*[[Crime Adventure]]
*[[Crimson Detritus]]
*[[Cruel and Hilarious Punishment]]
*[[The Curse Of DragonShrine]]
*[[The Curse of the Revenge of the Ghost of the Evil Chicken of Doom... Returns!]]
*[[Cyber Warp]]
*[[Dance Fever USA]]
*[[Dancing Even Him?]]
*[[The Dark Hour]]
*[[A Date With Death]]
*[[A Day In The Life Of A Super Hero]]
*[[A Day at the Office]]
*[[A Day at The Seaside]]
*[[Dead Reckoning]]
*[[Death Shack]]
*[[Diary of a Stripper]]
*[[Doctor Who and the Vortex of Lust]]
*[[Doom Cat!!]]
*[[Doomed Xycanthus]]
*[[The Door To Utopia]]
*[[Encounter 1: Tim's Mom]]
*[[Encounter 2: The Study Group]]
*[[Encounter 3: Lynn's Sleepover]]
*[[Encounter 4: Mrs. Parker]]
*[[Escape from Insanity]]
*[[Escape to Freedom]]
*[[Escape to New York]]
*[[An Evening with the Evil Chicken of Doom]]
*[[Everything Emanuelle]]
*[[The Evil Chicken of Doom 3D]]
*[[The Evil Chicken of Doom]]
*[[Far From Home]]
*[[The Farthest Shore]]
*[[The Final Question]]
*[[Fire in the Blood]]
*[[The Fly Human]]
*[[For Love of Digby]]
*[[Forum 2]]
*[[Frustrated Interviewee]]
*[[Full Circle]]
*[[The Gamma Gals]]
*[[The Game to End All Games]]
*[[Get Treasure for Trabula]]
*[[Ghost Town (2009)|Ghost Town]]
*[[Give Me Your Lunch Money, A Tale of the Exploits of an 8-Year-Old Inventor]]
*[[Goblin Hunt]]
*[[The Green Princess]]
*[[Halloween Hijinks]]
*[[The Haunted House]]
*[[The Haunted House of Hideous Horror]]
*[[The House Husband]]
*[[House of the Damned]]
*[[How Suzy Got Her Powers]]
*[[How to Conquer the World]]
*[[Ice Cream]]
*[[Il Golem]]
*[[In The Claws of Clueless Bob]]
*[[In The Mind Of The Master]]
*[[Jailbreak Bob]]
*[[Jason vs. Salm]]
*[[Jim Pond & The Agents Of F.A.R.T.]]
*[[Jonathan Grimshaw: Space Tourist]]
*[[Just Another Christmas Day]]
*[[Just My Imagination-Musings of a Child]]
*[[Lair of the Vampire]]
*[[Lara Croft: The Sun Obelisk]]
*[[The Last Hour]]
*[[Legacy of a Princess]]
*[[Lights, Camera, Action!]]
*[[The Long Journey Home]]
*[[The Lost Mines]]
*[[Lost Souls]]
*[[The Magic Show]]
*[[The Magician's Niece]]
*[[Makers Local and the Transdimensional Margarita Blender]]
*[[Marooned (2000)|Marooned]]
*[[A Masochist's Heaven]]
*[[Merry Murders]]
*[[Microbe Willie vs. The Rat]]
*[[A Monkey Too Many]]
*[[Montahue Scott & The Mobius Belt]]
*[[Monster Age: Trials of Dustorn]]
*[[The Monster in the Mirror]]
*[[The Monster in the Mirror 2]]
*[[Mount Voluptuous]]
*[[Murder In Great Falls]]
*[[Murder Mansion]]
*[[The Murder of Jack Morely]]
*[[Must Escape!]]
*[[The Mystery Of The Darkhaven Caves]]
*[[Namiki's Day]]
*[[Neighbours From Hell]]
*[[O.N.N.A.F.A. (Oh No Not Another Fantasy Adventure)]]
*[[Orient Express]]
*[[Over the Edge]]
*[[Pathway to Destruction]]
*[[Pick Up the Phone Booth and Cry]]
*[[The PK Girl]]
*[[Point 2 Point]]
*[[The Princess in the Tower]]
*[[Private Eye]]
*[[Professor Von Witt's Fabulous Flying Machine]]
*[[The Puzzle Box]]
*[[The Pyramid of Hamaratum]]
*[[Quest for Flesh]]
*[[The Quest For Spam]]
*[[Rachel Has a Bad Day]]
*[[The Reluctant Resurrectee]]
*[[The Reluctant Vampire]]
*[[Return to Dracula's Castle II: Revenge of Dracula's Castle]]
*[[The Revenge Of Clueless Bob Newbie!]]
*[[The Revenge Of Clueless Bob Newbie, Part 2: This Time It's Personal]]
*[[Rolling the Dough]]
*[[The Saga of Percy the Viking]]
*[[Santa Baby]]
*[[Scene of the Crime]]
*[[Scene Of The Crime 2: City In Fear]]
*[[SE: Wreckage]]
*[[Selma's Will]]
*[[Seymour's Stoopid Quest]]
*[[Shadrick's Travels]]
*[[Shadrick's Underground Adventure]]
*[[Shards of Memory]]
*[[Shred 'em]]
*[[The Shuffling Room]]
*[[Silk Road Secrets: Samarkand to Lop Nor]]
*[[Sleaze City]]
*[[Snakes and Ladders]]
*[[Sommeril Special Edition]]
*[[A Spot Of Bother]]
*[[Steve Van Helsing: Process Server]]
*[[The Studio]]
*[[The Successor]]
*[[Take One]]
*[[Tears of a Tough Man]]
*[[Temple of the Sun]]
*[[That Crazy Radioactive Monkey!]]
*[[Three Monkeys, One Cage]]
*[[Ticket to Nowhere]]
*[[To Hell in a Hamper]]
*[[Too Much Exercise]]
*[[The Twilight]]
*[[Unauthorised Termination]]
*[[Unraveling God]]
*[[An Unspecified Cosmic Adventure That Doesn't Have Words Quest and Space in the Name]]
*[[Urban Dragon]]
*[[Veteran Experience]]
*[[Veteran Knowledge]]
*[[The View Is Better Here]]
*[[A Walk at Dusk]]
*[[The Warlord, The Princess & The Bulldog]]
*[[Wax Worx]]
*[[We Are Coming To Get You!]]
*[[Whatever Happened To Uncle Grumble?]]
*[[When Beer Isn't Enough]]
*[[Where Are My Keys?]]
*[[Without A Clue]]
*[[Wolves At The Door]]
*[[The Woods Are Dark]]
*[[The World According To CBN]]
*[[The Worst Game In The World... Ever!!!]]
*[[Y.A.D.F.A (Yet Another Damn Fantasy Adventure)]]
*[[Yon Astounding Castle! Of Some Sort]]
*[[Zack Smackfoot]]
*[[Zombie Cow]]
*[[Zombies Are Cool, But Not So Cool When They're Eating Your Head]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/AdvSys]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/AGT]]||
* [[Engines/Glk#AGT|AGT Games]]
*[[Elves '87]]
*[[The Key to Time]]
*[[The Sound of One Hand Clapping]]
*[[Starship Columbus]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/AGT]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/AdvSys]]||
{| style="background:#fafafa"
* [[Engines/Glk#AdvSys|AdvSys Games]]
|- valign=top
*[[Adventure in Humongous Cave]]
*[[The Adventure of Tark Simmons]]
*[[Adventures in NMR]]
*[[Adventures in NMR II: The Adventure Continues|Adventures in NMR II]]
*[[Adventures in Sherwood]]
*[[The Adventures of Alice Who Went Through the Looking-Glass]]
*[[The Adventures of Peter Patzer]]
*[[Apprentice - The Testing of a Magical Novice]]
*[[Around the World in Eighty Days]]
*[[The Battle of Philip Against the Forces of Creation]]
*[[Black Wanderer 1 - The Darkest Road]]
*[[Black Wanderer 2 - The Unborn One]]
*[[Black Wanderer 3 - Twas a Time of Dread]]
*[[A Bloody Life]]
*[[The Books of Tarotia: Book 1]]
*[[The Casebook of Sherlock Holmes]]
*[[Castle of the Alchemists]]
*[[Caves of Dyanty]]
*[[Cliff Diver: Investigator for Hire - Case 1]]
*[[Cliff Diver: Investigator for Hire - Case 2]]
*[[Colossal Cave Adventure|Colossal Cave - The First Adventure]]
*[[The Deadly Labyrinth]]
*[[Destination: Earth]]
*[[Detective, An Interactive MiSTing (Mystery Science Theater 3000)|Detective, An Interactive MiSTing]]
*[[Dragons in Chocolate Land]]
*[[Duck Soup]]
*[[A Dudley Dilemma]]
*[[Elves '87|The Elf's Christmas Adventure]]
*[[Elf Quest]]
*[[Escape from the ELI]]
*[[Escape from Prison Island]]
*[[Escape from Tarabithia]]
*[[A Fable]]
*[[The Game of Recovery]]
*[[Ggollek I: The Dissolution]]
*[[Ghost Town, a GAGS adventure]]
*[[Helvera, Mistress of the Park]]
*[[Highe, the Adventures of Elizabeth("El") Highe]]
*[[Hotel Notell]]
*[[House 2 House]]
*[[In the Year 2366, Klingon Role Playing Game]]
*[[The Incredible Erotic Adventures of Stiffy Makane!]]
*[[Jack of Hartz]]
*[[The Jeweled Arena]]
*[[A Journey into Xanth]]
*[[Jubilee Road]]
*[[Kill Justin]]
*[[Klaustrophobia - Part I]]
*[[Klaustrophobia - Part II]]
*[[Klaustrophobia - Part III]]
*[[Library - Library of Guilford College]]
*[[Lost in Space: Dr.Smith Goes Home]]
*[[Lost Property]]
*[[Lost Stone Mansion]]
*[[The Misadventure of the Holy Grail]]
*[[The Multi-Dimensional Thief]]
*[[Mop and Murder]]
*[[Murder at the Folkestone Inn]]
*[[Mystery Science Theater 3000, Adventure 102]]
*[[My First Stupid Game]]
*[[New England Gothic]]
*[[Odieus's Quest for the Magic Flingshot]]
*[[Oklib's Revenge]]
*[[Orientation to Van Pelt Library of the University of Pennsylvania]]
*[[Pastoral Pitfalls]]
*[[The Pilot or A Flight into Fantasy]]
*[[PORK II, The Gizzard of Showbiz]]
*[[The Pyramids of Mars]]
*[[Quest for the Black Pearl]]
*[[Quest for the Magic Healing Plant]]
*[[Reruns Again]]
*[[The Rift]]
*[[Der Ring des Nibelungen]]
*[[Sanity Clause or, Why Santa Didn't Make It to YOUR House that Year]]
*[[The Search for Princess Alandria]]
*[[Secrets of the Gigantic]]
*[[Shades of Gray]]
*[[Shape Shifter Adventure!]]
*[[Sir Guy Gallant and the Deadly Warning]]
*[[Son of Stagefright]]
*[[The Spatent Obstruction]]
*[[Sir Arthur]]
*[[Sir Ramic Hobbs and the High Level Gorilla]]
*[[Sir Ramic Hobbs and the Oriental Wok]]
*[[Space Aliens Laughed at My Cardigan]]
*[[Space Mule]]
*[[The Squynchia Adventure]]
*[[The Star Portal]]
*[[Still Laughing at my Cardigan]]
*[[Storms I]]
*[[Susan (A Lustful Game)]]
*[[The Tempest]]
*[[Toho Academy]]
*[[Tossed into Space: Dr.Schmidt Goes Home]]
*[[Weekend Survival]]
*[[Whatever We Decide To Call This Game]]
*[[The Wizard's Castle]]
*[[The World's Hardest Adventure]]
*[[Wraith Blaster]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Alan2]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Alan2]]||
* [[Engines/Glk#Alan2|Alan2 Games]]
*[[The Chasing]]
*[[Cloak of Darkness]]
*[[Coming Out of the Closet]]
*[[Even Bantams Get the Blues]]
*[[The HeBGB Horror!]]
*[[The Hollywood Murders]]
*[[Knot to be Undone]]
*[[Lost in New York]]
*[[The Mean Story]]
*[[Out of the Study]]
*[[The Secret in the Mithraeum]]
*[[Skipping Breakfast]]]
*[[They're After You!]]
*[[To Get to the Other Side]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Alan3]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Alan3]]||
*[[The Christmas Party]]
* [[Engines/Glk#Alan2|Alan3 Games]]
*[[Cloak of Darkness]]
*[[City of Dead Leaves]]
*[[The Hollywood Murders]]
*[[Room 206]]
*[[A Very Hairy Fish Mess]]
*[[Waldo's Pie]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Archetype]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Archetype]]||
*[[Bare-bones Adventure]]
* [[Engines/Glk#Archetype|Archetype Games]]
*[[The Gorreven Papers]]
*[[Guess the Animal]]
*[[The Starship Solitaire Adventure]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Hugo]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Hugo]]||
{| style="background:#fafafa"
* [[Engines/Glk#Hugo|Hugo Games]]
|- valign=top
*[[Aggravatron: Annoyotron II]]
*[[Baby Uncle New Year]]
*[[Captain Speedo: The New Generation Series Premiere: Missed by a hair - but not forgotten!]]
*[[The Chicken's Dilemma]]
*[[The Clockwork Boy 2]]
*[[Cloak of Darkness]]
*[[Colossal Cave Adventure]]
*[[A Crimson Spring]]
*[[Doom, Death, Destruction and All That]]
*[[Dragon Hunt]]
*[[East of Eastwood]]
*[[Escape from Ice Station Hippo]]
*[[Fallacy of Dawn]]
*[[Future Boy!]]
*[[Guilty Bastards]]
*[[The Halloween Horror - part 1]]
*[[The Halloween Horror - part 2]]
*[[Haunting the Ghosts]]
*[[The Hugo Clock]]
*[[The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner]]
*[[Madrigals of War and Love]]
*[[Necrotic Drift]]
*[[The Next Day]]
*[[Nothing More, Nothing Less]]
*[[The Onion of Destiny]]
*[[Party Arty, Man of La Munchies]]
*[[PAXLess, Quest to the IF Suite]]
*[[Pirate Adventure]]
*[[Persistence of Memory]]
*[[The Profile]]
*[[Renga in Four Parts]]
*[[The Relentless Adventures of Captain Speedo, Episode 14: Victim of the Vacuum!]]
*[[The Relentless Adventures of Captain Speedo, Episode 16: Let them "heat" cake!]]
*[[The Relentless Adventures of Captain Speedo, Episode 42: So Long, and Thanks for All the Books]]
*[[The Relentless Adventures of Captain Speedo, Episode 112: Alert on Aleph V!]]
*[[Scavenger Hunt]]
*[[Tales of a Clockwork Boy]]
*[[Tales of the Traveling Swordsman]]
*[[Teleport Test]]
*[[Trading Punches]]
*[[Vault of Hugo II: Electric Boogaloo]]
*[[Waiting for The End]]
*[[World Builder]]
*[[Zork I: The Great Underground Empire]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/JACL]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/JACL]]||
*[[Cloak of Darkness]]
* [[Engines/Glk#JACL|JACL Games]]
*[[The Curse of Eldor]]
*[[The Unholy Grail]]
*[[The Bloody Guns]]
*[[The Down Dragon]]
*[[Prison Break]]
*[[Le Roi de Fihnargaia]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Level9]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Level9]]||
{| style="background:#fafafa"
* [[Engines/Glk#Level9|Level9 Games]]
|- valign=top
*[[Adventure Quest]]
*[[The Archers]]
*[[Champion of the Raj]]
*[[Colossal Adventure]]
*[[Dungeon Adventure]]
*[[Emerald Isle]]
*[[Gnome Ranger]]
*[[The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole]]
*[[Ingrid's Back]]
*[[Knight Orc]]
*[[Lords of Time]]
*[[The Price of Magik]]
*[[Red Moon]]
*[[Return to Eden]]
*[[The Saga of Erik the Viking]]
*[[The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged 13¾]]
*[[The Worm in Paradise]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Magnetic]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Magnetic]]||
* [[Engines/Glk#Magnetic|Magnetic Games]]
*[[The Guild of Thieves]]
*[[The Pawn]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Quest]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Quest]]||
*[[Cloak of Darkness]]
* [[Engines/Glk#Quest|Quest Games]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Scott]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Scott]]||
[[Adventure International]] games:
* [[Engines/Glk#Scott|Scott Games]]
{| style="background:#fafafa"
|- valign=top
*[[Pirate Adventure]]
*[[Mission: Impossible]]
*[[Voodoo Castle]]
*[[The Count]]
*[[Strange Odyssey]]
*[[Mystery Fun House]]
*[[Pyramid of Doom]]
*[[Ghost Town]]
*[[Savage Island]]
*[[The Golden Voyage]]
*[[Sorcerer of Claymorgue Castle]]
*[[Return to Pirate's Isle]]
*[[The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension]]
*[[Questprobe: Featuring the Hulk]]
*[[Questprobe: Featuring Spider-Man]]
*[[Questprobe: Featuring the Human Torch and the Thing]]
[[Mysterious Adventures series]]:
{| style="background:#fafafa"
|- valign=top
*[[Mysterious Adventures 1: The Golden Baton|The Golden Baton]]
*[[Mysterious Adventures 2: The Time Machine|The Time Machine]]
*[[Mysterious Adventures 3: Arrow of Death Part 1|Arrow of Death Part 1]]
*[[Mysterious Adventures 4: Arrow of Death Part 2|Arrow of Death Part 2]]
*[[Mysterious Adventures 5: Escape from Pulsar 7|Escape from Pulsar 7]]
*[[Mysterious Adventures 6: Circus|Circus]]
*[[Mysterious Adventures 7: Feasibility Experiment|Feasibility Experiment]]
*[[Mysterious Adventures 8: The Wizard of Akyrz|The Wizard of Akyrz]]
*[[Mysterious Adventures 9: Perseus and Andromeda|Perseus and Andromeda]]
*[[Mysterious Adventures 10: Ten Little Indians|Ten Little Indians]]
*[[Mysterious Adventures 11: Waxworks|Waxworks]]
{| style="background:#fafafa"
|- valign=top
[[Mega-Venture series]]:
*[[Romulan Adventure|Mega-Venture I: Romulan Adventure]]
*[[Top Secret Adventure|Mega-Venture II: Top Secret Adventure]]
*[[Gamma World|Mega-Venture III: Gamma World]]
Other games:
{| style="background:#fafafa"
|- valign=top
*[[Burglar's Adventure]]
*[[James Bond Adventure]]
*[[Miner's Adventure]]
*[[Cloak of Darkness]]
*[[Desert Adventure]]
*[[Undersea Conquest Part I]]
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|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/ZCode]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/ZCode]]||
[[Infocom]] Z-code versions 1-5:
* [[Infocom]] Z-Code versions 1-5, Inform versions 1-7, and other Z-code games: See [[Engines/Glk#ZCode|ZCode Games]]
{| style="background:#fafafa"
|- valign=top
*[[Zork I: The Great Underground Empire]]
*[[Zork II: The Wizard of Frobozz]]
*[[Zork III: The Dungeon Master]]
*[[Suspended: A Cryogenic Nightmare]]
*[[The Witness]]
*[[The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy]]
*[[A Mind Forever Voyaging]]
*[[Wishbringer: The Magick Stone of Dreams]]
*[[Hollywood Hijinx]]
*[[Leather Goddesses of Phobos]]
*[[Border Zone]]
*[[The Lurking Horror]]
*[[Nord and Bert Couldn't Make Head or Tail of It]]
*[[Plundered Hearts]]
*[[Beyond Zork]]
*[[Zork: The Undiscovered Underground]]
Inform versions 1-7 and other games:
{| style="background:#fafafa"
|- valign=top
* [[1-2-3...]]
* [[The 12:54 to Asgard]]
* [[1981]]
* [[2604]]
* [[43]]
* [[5 Minutes to Burn Something!]]
* [[50 Shades of Jilting]]
* [[69,105|69,105 Keys]]
* [[98769765]]
* [[9:05]]
* [[9Lives]]
* [[An Abbreviated Night Before Christmas]]
* [[The Absolute Worst IF Game in History]]
* [[Absturzmomente]]
* [[Accuse]]
* [[Acid Whiplash]]
* [[The Acorn Court]]
* [[Across The Stars]]
* [[The Act of Misdirection]]
* [[An Act of Murder]]
* [[Ad Verbum]]
* [[Adoo's Stinky Story]]
* [[Colossal Cave Adventure|Adventure]]
* [[Adventureland]]
* [[Adventure Time]]
* [[The Adventures of Bobo the Monkey]]
* [[The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension]]
* [[The Adventures of Houdini]]
* [[Aesthetic Deletions]]
* [[Afflicted]]
* [[AFGNCAAP - IF Agent! Todays Adventure: Holy Goat!]]
* [[Afuera]]
* [[Agency]]
* [[Agent de la Paix Terrestre]]
* [[Aisle]]
* [[The Alchemist's Home]]
* [[Alcohol solves everything]]
* [[The Algophilists' Penury]]
* [[All Quiet on the Library Front]]
* [[All Roads]]
* [[All Things Devours]]
* [[Alma Mater]]
* [[The Amazing Interactive Turing Machine]]
* [[Amusement Park]]
* [[Ananachronist]]
* [[Anchorhead]]
* [[And A Hippo New Year]]
* [[And a Hippo New Year]]
* [[And So It Goes]]
* [[And the Waves Choke the Wind]]
* [[And Then is Heard no More]]
* [[Andromeda Awakening]]
* [[The Angel Curse]]
* [[Animals]]
* [[Annoyed Undead]]
* [[Another Day, Another Sea Monster]]
* [[Another Goddamn Escape the Locked Room Game]]
* [[Apartment F209]]
* [[The Apocalypse Clock]]
* [[Apocolyptica]]
* [[Apoptosis]]
* [[Appallatron]]
* [[Are You A Chef?]]
* [[Are you Too Chicken to Make a Deal?]]
* [[The Argument-Winner's Ghost]]
* [[Armario De Auga]]
* [[The Art of Deception]]
* [[Artifice]]
* [[ASCII and the Argonauts]]
* [[Asendent]]
* [[Ashley's Story]]
* [[Assignment]]
* [[Assignment One]]
* [[Asylum (2009)|Asylum]]
* [[The Atomic Heart]]
* [[Attack of the Yeti Robot Zombies]]
* [[Auden's Eden]]
* [[Augmented Fourth]]
* [[August]]
* [[Aunt Nancy's House]]
* [[Ausgerechnet Mamph Pamph!]]
* [[Authority]]
* [[Les aventures de Zeus]]
* [[Awakening]]
* [[The Awakening]]
* [[The Awakening (2010)|The Awakening]]
* [[Baby tree]]
* [[Back to the Future: Marty Quest]]
* [[Back to WakeUp]]
* [[Backup]]
* [[Balances]]
* [[Balder's Death]]
* [[Baluthar]]
* [[Banana Apocalypse and the Rocket Pants of Destiny]]
* [[Bane of the Builders]]
* [[Bareback Mountain]]
* [[Craverly Heights]]
* [[De Baron]]
* [[Barton]]
* [[Basic Train-ing]]
* [[Basket of Destiny]]
* [[Battle of the Planets]]
* [[The Bean Stalker]]
* [[A Bear's Night Out]]
* [[Bears, Bears, Bears]]
* [[Beat the Devil]]
* [[Bedtime story]]
* [[Behavior]]
* [[Behold!]]
* [[Being Andrew Plotkin]]
* [[Being Steve]]
* [[Being the Ending of the Beginning]]
* [[Being The Little Guy]]
* [[The Believable Adventures of an Invisible Man]]
* [[Bellclap]]
* [[Bender]]
* [[Beneath: a Transformation]]
* [[Best Gopher Ever]]
* [[The Best Man]]
* [[Beta Tester]]
* [[Die Bewerbung]]
* [[The Bible Retold]]
* [[The Bible Retold: The Lost Sheep]]
* [[The Big Mama]]
* [[Big Red Button]]
* [[The Big Scoop]]
* [[Birth of Mind]]
* [[The Black Lily]]
* [[Blackberry]]
* [[Blackness]]
* [[The Blair Bee Project]]
* [[Blasphemy]]
* [[Blink]]
* [[The Blood Lust Warrior]]
* [[Bloodless on the Orient Express]]
* [[Blow Job Drifter]]
* [[Blue Chairs]]
* [[Blue Sky]]
* [[The Blueprint]]
* [[Bob's Garage]]
* [[The Body]]
* [[Body Bargain]]
* [[BOFH]]
* [[Bored Ladders]]
* [[A Boy and his Goat]]
* [[Brain of the Night Guest]]
* [[Break-In]]
* [[Breaking and Entering]]
* [[Breakout (2006)|Breakout]]
* [[Bronze]]
* [[The Bryant Collection]]
* [[BSE]]
* [[Building]]
* [[Bunt]]
* [[Buried In Shoes]]
* [[Burns Night Supper]]
* [[Burnt Toast]]
* [[Bus station]]
* [[By @|> By @]]
* [[Byzantine Perspective]]
* [[The Cabal]]
* [[Cacophony]]
* [[Caffeination]]
* [[Calliope]]
* [[Camping!]]
* [[Cana According To Micah]]
* [[The Canapés of Death]]
* [[Captain Cumshot's Second Adventure: The Rim Job]]
* [[Capture Santa!]]
* [[The Care and Feeding of Adjuncts.]]
* [[Carmen Devine: Supernatural Troubleshooter]]
* [[Carnival]]
* [[The Case of Samuel Gregor]]
* [[CASK]]
* [[CASL Rush]]
* [[Casting]]
* [[Castle Adventure (2012)|Castle Adventure]]
* [[Castle Amnos]]
* [[Castle of the Red Prince]]
* [[Catapole]]
* [[The Catcher in the Rye]]
* [[Catseye]]
* [[Cattus Atrox]]
* [[The Cenric Family Curse]]
* [[Centipede]]
* [[Le Cercle des Gros Geeks disparus]]
* [[La chambre de Syrion]]
* [[A Change in the Weather]]
* [[Changes]]
* [[Chaos (2009)|Chaos]]
* [[Chaos In Space]]
* [[Cheater]]
* [[Cheating Death]]
* [[Checkpoint]]
* [[Cheer Up]]
* [[Cheesed Off!]]
* [[Cheeseshop]]
* [[Chicken and Egg]]
* [[The Chicken Under the Window]]
* [[Chicken!]]
* [[Chickens of Distinction]]
* [[Chicks Dig Jerks]]
* [[Child's Play]]
* [[Christminster]]
* [[Chronicle Play Torn]]
* [[The Chronicler]]
* [[The Circus of Sadness]]
* [[La Cité des Eaux]]
* [[The Citizen of the Year: The Game]]
* [[The City]]
* [[Civil Mimic]]
* [[Coffins]]
* [[Coke Is It!]]
* [[Cold Iron]]
* [[Collision ... In Space!]]
* [[Colophon]]
* [[Color of Milk Coffee]]
* [[The Colour Pink]]
* [[Colours]]
* [[A Comedy of Error Messages]]
* [[Coming Home]]
* [[Comp00ter Game]]
* [[CompXX]]
* [[Conan Kill Everything]]
* [[Condemned]]
* [[Congratulations!]]
* [[Connect]]
* [[Constraints]]
* [[Containment]]
* [[Contrived Text Adventure Game]]
* [[The Corn Identity]]
* [[Couch of Doom]]
* [[Cough Cough]]
* [[The Count]]
* [[The Count of Monte Cristo]]
* [[Countdown 1 - the Body]]
* [[Countdown 2 - the Soul]]
* [[Countdown 3 - the Mind]]
* [[The Courier Who Missed Me]]
* [[The Cove]]
* [[Cramming]]
* [[Crater Creek, 2113]]
* [[The Crescent City at the Edge of Disaster]]
* [[Critical Breach]]
* [[The Cross of Fire]]
* [[The Crouton Caper]]
* [[Crusade]]
* [[Cryptographer]]
* [[Crystal and Stone Beetle and Bone]]
* [[The Crystal Palace]]
* [[The Cube]]
* [[The Cube in the Cavern]]
* [[Curses]]
* [[Custard]]
* [[D2d]]
* [[Damnatio Memoriae]]
* [[The Damsel and the Dragon]]
* [[Danger! Adventurer at Work!]]
* [[Dangerous Curves]]
* [[Dard'enFer]]
* [[A Dark and Stormy Entry]]
* [[Dark Soul]]
* [[Darkiss 2]]
* [[Darkiss! Il bacio del vampire]]
* [[Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire - Chapter 1: The Awakening]]
* [[Darkiss! Wrath of the Vampire - Chapter 2: Journey to Hell]]
* [[Darkness in Daytime]]
* [[Dash Slapney, Patrol Leader]]
* [[Dawn of the Demon]]
* [[A Day for Fresh Sushi]]
* [[A Day for Soft Food]]
* [[The Day I came back]]
* [[The Day I died]]
* [[The day I hugged Ghandi!]]
* [[The Day I mauled ...]]
* [[The Day I saved Elvis]]
* [[The Day I shot ...]]
* [[The Day I stabbed ...]]
* [[The Day time stood still]]
* [[Dead Cities]]
* [[Dead of Winter]]
* [[Dead Pavane for a Princess]]
* [[Deadline Enchanter]]
* [[Deadline, or Being Douglas Adams]]
* [[Deadsville]]
* [[Death at Sea]]
* [[The Death of Two Great Minds]]
* [[Death Off the Cuff]]
* [[Death to my Enemies]]
* [[December 31, 2002]]
* [[Deep Breathing]]
* [[Define Far]]
* [[Degeneracy]]
* [[Delightful Wallpaper]]
* [[Delusions]]
* [[Delusions Again]]
* [[Descent of Man]]
* [[The Despondency Index]]
* [[Destiny of the Chihuahua]]
* [[The Devil Made Me Do It]]
* [[Le Diamant Blanc]]
* [[Dig My Grave]]
* [[Digging For Onions]]
* [[Digging Time!]]
* [[Dinnertime]]
* [[Dinner Bell]]
* [[Dinner with Andre]]
* [[Dirk]]
* [[Disaster at the Acme Tower]]
* [[Discord]]
* [[Disenchantment Bay]]
* [[Djibouti Dirigible Discombobulation]]
* [[The Djinni Chronicles]]
* [[Dog Show]]
* [[Domicile]]
* [[Don't Go]]
* [[Donkey Kong]]
* [[Doomsday]]
* [[Down and Out at the Big Creepy House on the Poison Lake]]
* [[Down with the Underpig]]
* [[Downtown Tokyo, Present Day]]
* [[Downtown Train]]
* [[Dr. Dumont's Wild P.A.R.T.I.]]
* [[Dracula's Underground Crypt]]
* [[Dragon Flies Like Labradorite]]
* [[Dragon!]]
* [[Drama Queen 7 - Mother knows best]]
* [[Dreadwine]]
* [[A dream imprint]]
* [[A Dream Too Real]]
* [[The Dream-Trap of Zzar]]
* [[The Dreamhold]]
* [[Dreary Lands]]
* [[Dual Transform]]
* [[The Duel in the Snow]]
* [[The Duel That Spanned the Ages]]
* [[Dulle Griet and the Antenorian Icebox]]
* [[Earth and Sky]]
* [[East Grove Hills]]
* [[Echappée Belle Dans les Contrées du Rêve]]
* [[The Edifice]]
* [[Eduard the Seminarist]]
* [[Elements]]
* [[Elephants and the Afterlife]]
* [[Empty rooms]]
* [[Endgame]]
* [[Endless, Nameless]]
* [[English Suburban Garden]]
* [[Enigma]]
* [[Enigma (2014)|Enigma]]
* [[Enlightenment]]
* [[Enlisted]]
* [[Entre Terre et Ciel]]
* [[Entropy]]
* [[L'Envol]]
* [[Episode 2: Revenge of the Mutant Spiders]]
* [[The Epitome of Toastlessness]]
* [[Eragon]]
* [[Eric's Bender]]
* [[Eruption]]
* [[Escapade!]]
* [[Escape from Auriga]]
* [[Escape From Santaland]]
* [[Escape From Summerland]]
* [[Escape from the CIS Building]]
* [[Escape from the SS Borgarís]]
* [[Escape from the Starship Zenon]]
* [[Escape from the Underworld]]
* [[Escape In The Dark]]
* [[Escape Into Fiction]]
* [[An Escape To Remember]]
* [[The Escapist]]
* [[Eschew as if you were She]]
* [[Les espions ne meurent jamais]]
* [[ETO]]
* [[Eurydice]]
* [[Every Day the Same Dream]]
* [[The Evil Sorcerer]]
* [[The Example of the Chicken Sexer]]
* [[Excelsior]]
* [[Expedition]]
* [[Exterminate!]]
* [[The extraordinary events of the last day of Professor Mangleworth]]
* [[Extreme Omnivore: Text Edition]]
* [[Fade to Black]]
* [[Fætt Tiw]]
* [[Fail-Safe]]
* [[Faithful Companion]]
* [[Falling Angel]]
* [[Fantastic Finale IV]]
* [[The Fat Lardo and the Rubber Ducky]]
* [[Fate]]
* [[Fear]]
* [[Fido and The Dead Body]]
* [[Fiendish Zoo]]
* [[Fifteen]]
* [[Fifteen Minutes]]
* [[Figaro]]
* [[Fight or Flight]]
* [[Figueres in my Basement]]
* [[Filaments]]
* [[Film at Eleven]]
* [[Final Exam]]
* [[Final Selection]]
* [[Find the Bed]]
* [[Finding Henry]]
* [[Fine-Tuned]]
* [[Fingertips: All Alone]]
* [[Fingertips: Aren't You the Guy Who Hit Me in the Eye?]]
* [[Fingertips: Come On and Wreck My Car]]
* [[Fingertips: Everything Is Catching On Fire]]
* [[Fingertips: Fingertips]]
* [[Fingertips: Fingertips (Reprise)]]
* [[Fingertips: Hey Now, Everybody]]
* [[Fingertips: I Don't Understand You]]
* [[Fingertips: I Found a New Friend]]
* [[Fingertips: I Heard a Sound]]
* [[Fingertips: I Walk Along Darkened Corridors]]
* [[Fingertips: I'm Having a Heart Attack]]
* [[Fingertips: Leave Me Alone]]
* [[Fingertips: Please Pass the Milk Please]]
* [[Fingertips: Something Grabbed Ahold of My Hand]]
* [[Fingertips: The Day That Love Came To Play]]
* [[Fingertips: What's That Blue Thing Doing Here?]]
* [[Fingertips: Who's Knockin' on the Wall?]]
* [[Fingertips: Who's That Standing Out the Window]]
* [[The Fire Tower]]
* [[The First Day of My New Life]]
* [[First Wave, Then Jump Up and Down Screaming]]
* [[Fish And Spaceships]]
* [[Fish Bowl]]
* [[Fish Dreams]]
* [[Fit for a Queen]]
* [[Flametop]]
* [[Flat Feet]]
* [[Flawed Addendum]]
* [[A Fleeting Case of Self-Possession]]
* [[Flexible Pants]]
* [[Flight of the Hummingbird]]
* [[Flotsam & Driftwood]]
* [[Floyd]]
* [[Food for Thought]]
* [[Food Magic]]
* [[For A Change]]
* [[The Forests of Lachryma]]
* [[The Forgotten Girls]]
* [[FORK: The Great Underground Dining Room]]
* [[Forrajeo]]
* [[Fort Aegea]]
* [[The Fox, The Dragon, and The Stale Loaf of Bread]]
* [[Fox, Fowl and Feed]]
* [[Fragile Shells]]
* [[Frankenstein Adventure]]
* [[Frankenstein III]]
* [[Frater Evanesco]]
* [[A Freak Accident Leaves Seattle Pantsless]]
* [[A Freak Accident Leaves Seattle Pantsless III: Endgame]]
* [[Freedom]]
* [[Freefall]]
* [[Friar Bacon's Secret]]
* [[Friday Afternoon]]
* [[Fugue]]
* [[Further]]
* [[FutureGame (tm)]]
* [[Galatea]]
* [[Galaxian]]
* [[Game Developers Conference 2009]]
* [[The Game Formerly Known as Hidden Nazi Mode]]
* [[A Game of Chance]]
* [[Game Producer!]]
* [[Gamlet]]
* [[Garden of the Dragon]]
* [[Gardening for Beginners]]
* [[The Garlic Cage, Episode I]]
* [[GATOR-ON, Friend to Wetlands!]]
* [[Gaucho - An Interactive Geek Western]]
* [[Generic Title]]
* [[Geo Quest]]
* [[The Gerbil Riot of '67]]
* [[Die Gerechten Richter]]
* [[Die Geschichte des Herrn P.]]
* [[Get Lamp: An Interactive Review]]
* [[Getting to know the General]]
* [[The Ghost Ship]]
* [[Ghost Town]]
* [[Ghost Town: The Lost Treasure]]
* [[Ghost Train]]
* [[Ghosterington Night]]
* [[Glass]]
* [[The Glass Books of the Dream Eaters]]
* [[Gleaming the Verb]]
* [[Glossary]]
* [[Golden Shadow]]
* [[The Golden Voyage]]
* [[A Good Breakfast]]
* [[Goodbye Cruel Squirrel]]
* [[Goose, Egg, Badger]]
* [[Gorgonir]]
* [[Gossip]]
* [[The Gostak]]
* [[Got ID?]]
* [[Got Toast?]]
* [[Goteras]]
* [[Gourmet]]
* [[The Grade 3 Parallax]]
* [[The Grand Quest]]
* [[La Grande Prédiction ou l'Astrologue étourdi]]
* [[Grandma Bethlinda's Variety Box]]
* [[The Great Rent Money Adventure]]
* [[The Great Ritual]]
* [[The Great Xavio]]
* [[A Green Rain]]
* [[Grief]]
* [[Grocery Shopping]]
* [[Grounded]]
* [[Grubbyville]]
* [[Grue]]
* [[Guard Duty]]
* [[The Guardian]]
* [[Guess the Verb!]]
* [[The Guitar (The Lion Sleeps Tonight)]]
* [[Guitar of the Immortal Bard]]
* [[Hall of Heads]]
* [[Hallow Eve]]
* [[Hallowe'en]]
* [[Halothane]]
* [[The Hand That Rocks The Pumpkin]]
* [[Hangar 22]]
* [[Hank Buzzcrack Has A Job To Do, God Damn It]]
* [[Happy Ever After]]
* [[Hard Puzzle]]
* [[Harlequin Girl]]
* [[Harmonic Time-Bind Ritual Symphony]]
* [[Harrington House]]
* [[Haunted House]]
* [[Hauntings]]
* [[Headless, Hapless]]
* [[Health Inspector]]
* [[Heated]]
* [[Heaven-Sent]]
* [[Heavenly]]
* [[Hedge]]
* [[Heezy Park]]
* [[Heist]]
* [[Hell: A Comedy of Errors]]
* [[Hello Sword]]
* [[Hello World!]]
* [[Help! My Vacuum Cleaner Is Broken!]]
* [[Here Be Dragons!!!]]
* [[Heroes]]
* [[Heroine's Mantle]]
* [[Les Heures du vent]]
* [[Hey, I'm Supposed to be Free Range]]
* [[Hierba tras el crystal]]
* [[Hill of Souls]]
* [[Historias del Hampa]]
* [[History Repeating]]
* [[HLA Adventure]]
* [[The Hobbit]]
* [[Hoist Sail for the Heliopause and Home]]
* [[Holy Robot Empire]]
* [[Home]]
* [[Homecoming]]
* [[Homeland Security]]
* [[Hoosegow]]
* [[The Horrible Pyramid]]
* [[The House]]
* [[House of Dream of Moon]]
* [[The House Of The Stalker]]
* [[Housekey, Part I]]
* [[How Many Roads Must A Man Walk Down?]]
* [[HTP]]
* [[Human Resources Stories]]
* [[Hunter, in Darkness]]
* [[Hypnotist of Ladies]]
* [[I Expect You To Die]]
* [[I Never Promised You A Nose Guard]]
* [[I'll]]
* [[I-0]]
* [[Icebreaker: The Text Adventure]]
* [[Ice House of Horrors]]
* [[Identity]]
* [[Identity Thief]]
* [[If I Wasn't Shy]]
* [[IF Progressive One]]
* [[If-month-zero]]
* [[Il Giardino Incantato]]
* [[Illuminate]]
* [[Imiagination]]
* [[The Immortal]]
* [[In Search of Velocitas fictus]]
* [[In the End]]
* [[In the House of Professor Evil: The HAM HOUSE]]
* [[In the Spotlight]]
* [[The Incredible Shrinking Woman, Too!]]
* [[Inevitable]]
* [[Inevitable (2017)]]
* [[Infiltration on Io]]
* [[Informatory]]
* [[Inheritance]]
* [[Inhumane]]
* [[Initiation - Les aventures d'un apprenti sorcier]]
* [[Inside the Facility]]
* [[Inside Woman]]
* [[Inspiration]]
* [[Interface]]
* [[Internal Documents]]
* [[Internal Vigilance]]
* [[Interra : L'autre monde]]
* [[Into the Open Sky]]
* [[Intro to Jabberwocky]]
* [[Invaders]]
* [[Inventory]]
* [[The Invisible Argonaut]]
* [[Iraqi Invasion]]
* [[The Island]]
* [[It's Easter, Peeps!]]
* [[Jack in the box]]
* [[Jacks or Better to Murder, Aces to Win]]
* [[Jacob's Travels]]
* [[Jane]]
* [[Janitor]]
* [[Jason finds fleece]]
* [[Jay Is Ponies]]
* [[Jazz auf Tegemis]]
* [[Jeffrey the Homicidal Mimic]]
* [[The Jewel of Knowledge]]
* [[Jigsaw]]
* [[Jigsaw 2]]
* [[Jobs for Antioch!]]
* [[Joust]]
* [[Jump]]
* [[Ka]]
* [[The Kazooist]]
* [[Keepsake]]
* [[Kheper, une aventure égyptienne]]
* [[Kidnapped - On the Sea]]
* [[Kids Shouldn't Have to Save The World]]
* [[Kinesis]]
* [[The King and the Crown]]
* [[The King of Shreds and Patches]]
* [[Kingdom of Amphibia: The Shipwreck]]
* [[Klub Karisma]]
* [[The Knapsack Problem]]
* [[The Knight Trials]]
* [[Koan]]
* [[Krakatoa Tuna Melt]]
* [[Labyrinth]]
* [[La Lagune de Montaigne]]
* [[The Lake]]
* [[Lash]]
* [[Last Day of Summer]]
* [[The Last Laugh]]
* [[The Last Sonnet of Marie Antoinette]]
* [[Late Train To Nowhere]]
* [[Laura]]
* [[Leap Time]]
* [[Leaves]]
* [[Lecture Feature]]
* [[The Legend of the Missing Hat]]
* [[Legion]]
* [[The Lesson of the Chicken]]
* [[Let Us Burn Down Science]]
* [[Letters from Home]]
* [[Les lettres volées]]
* [[Lieux Communs]]
* [[Life On Mars]]
* [[Life On Mars?]]
* [[The Lighthouse]]
* [[The Lighthouse (2009)|The Lighthouse]]
* [[Limelight]]
* [[Lists and Lists]]
* [[Literacy]]
* [[Little Blue Men]]
* [[Little Green Robbing Hood]]
* [[A Little Like Rogue]]
* [[LiveJoseph]]
* [[Llangollen Rock City]]
* [[The Lobster]]
* [[Lobster Bucket]]
* [[Lobsters On A Plane]]
* [[The Lode Runner]]
* [[Logic Puzzle Sampler]]
* [[Lomalow]]
* [[The Lone Star Menáçe]]
* [[Looking to the Sky]]
* [[Lord Bellwater's Secret]]
* [[Losing Your Step]]
* [[Lost Pig]]
* [[Lost Space Colony: Infestation]]
* [[The Lost Spellmaker]]
* [[Le Loup, la Chèvre et la Salade]]
* [[Love, Hate and the Mysterious Ocean Tower]]
* [[Lowell's Paradise]]
* [[The Lucubrator]]
* [[The Ludicorp Mystery]]
* [[Lunar Base 1]]
* [[Lupercalia]]
* [[Lurid Dreams]]
* [[Lurk. Unite. Die. Invent. Think. Expire.]]
* [[The M Adventure]]
* [[Ma princesse adorée]]
* [[Macetas]]
* [[Madam Spider's Web]]
* [[Madame L'Estrange and the Troubled Spirit]]
* [[The Mage Wars: Statue]]
* [[The Magic Toyshop]]
* [[Magic Travels]]
* [[Make It Good]]
* [[Mammal]]
* [[The Man from DEFRA]]
* [[The man-eating, halitosic gorilla of Brazil]]
* [[MANALIVE, A Mystery of Madness - I]]
* [[MANALIVE, A Mystery of Madness - II]]
* [[Mango]]
* [[The Manor at Whitby]]
* [[ManoZ]]
* [[La Mansión]]
* [[Mansion]]
* [[The Mansion: Grandma Mild's Weekend of Telekinesis]]
* [[Marble Madness]]
* [[Mariel]]
* [[The Masque of the Last Faeries]]
* [[Masquerade]]
* [[Master Thief]]
* [[Mazemapper]]
* [[The Mean Story]]
* [[Les méchants meurent au moins deux fois]]
* [[Mechs]]
* [[Meeting Robb Sherwin]]
* [[Mercy]]
* [[Merk]]
* [[Merlin's Treasure]]
* [[Metamorphoses]]
* [[The Meteor, the Stone and a Long Glass of Sherbet]]
* [[Metro Hobo]]
* [[Midair Madness]]
* [[The Milk of Paradise]]
* [[The Mind Electric]]
* [[Mingsheng]]
* [[The Minimalist Game]]
* [[A Minimum Wage Job]]
* [[Mission From Short]]
* [[Mission: Impossible]]
* [[Mite]]
* [[Modus Vivendi]]
* [[Möbius]]
* [[Moments Out of Time]]
* [[Monday, 16:30]]
* [[Monkey and Bear]]
* [[Monkey Business]]
* [[A Monkey Stole Your Toast!]]
* [[Monza's Phantom]]
* [[Moon Over Jupiter]]
* [[Moon-Shaped]]
* [[Moondarkling: Elfboon]]
* [[Moonglow]]
* [[The Moonlit Tower]]
* [[Moonwrecked]]
* [[More]]
* [[La Mort Pour Seul Destin]]
* [[Mortlake Manor]]
* [[Motel California]]
* [[Mother Loose]]
* [[The Mulldoon Legacy]]
* [[The Mundane Tale of the Morning After]]
* [[Murder at the Aero Club]]
* [[Murder at the Diogenes Club]]
* [[Murder on the Big Nothing]]
* [[Murphy's Law]]
* [[Muse: An Autumn Romance]]
* [[Music Education]]
* [[The Musician]]
* [[Mustard, Music, and Murder]]
* [[My Angel]]
* [[My Evil Twin]]
* [[My Magic Tire Hoax]]
* [[My Name is Jack Mills]]
* [[My Uncle George]]
* [[The Mysterious Case of the Acrobat and His Peers]]
* [[Mysterious Adventures 1: The Golden Baton]]
* [[Mysterious Adventures 2: The Time Machine]]
* [[Mysterious Adventures 3: Arrow of Death Part 1]]
* [[Mysterious Adventures 4: Arrow of Death Part 2]]
* [[Mysterious Adventures 5: Escape from Pulsar 7]]
* [[Mysterious Adventures 6: Circus]]
* [[Mysterious Adventures 7: Feasibility Experiment]]
* [[Mysterious Adventures 8: The Wizard of Akyrz]]
* [[Mysterious Adventures 9: Perseus and Andromeda]]
* [[Mysterious Adventures 10: Ten Little Indians]]
* [[Mysterious Adventures 11: Waxworks]]
* [[Mystery Fun House]]
* [[Mystery House Possessed]]
* [[Mystery Science Theater 3000 Presents "Detective"]]
* [[MythTale]]
* [[Nautilisia]]
* [[Nazi Mice]]
* [[Il Necromante]]
* [[Need! More! Toast!]]
* [[Neighbor from Hell]]
* [[Nel mondo di Ayon]]
* [[The Nemean Lion]]
* [[Nemesis Macana]]
* [[Neon Nirvana]]
* [[The Nessa Springs Slasher]]
* [[Nevermore]]
* [[New Cat]]
* [[A New Day]]
* [[A New Life]]
* [[The Newcomer]]
* [[A Night at Milliways]]
* [[Night at the Computer Center]]
* [[A Night At The XYZZYies]]
* [[Night Driver]]
* [[Night of the Vampire Bunnies]]
* [[A Night With Dani and Liz]]
* [[A Night With Kes]]
* [[Nine Dancers]]
* [[Nine Lives]]
* [[Nine Points]]
* [[Nine-tenths of the Law]]
* [[Niney]]
* [[Ninja's Fate]]
* [[No Famous]]
* [[No Muse]]
* [[No Room]]
* [[Noir d'Encre]]
* [[Nostradamus's Onion Sandwich]]
* [[Nostrils of Flesh and Clay]]
* [[Not Just A Game]]
* [[Not Just An Ordinary Ballerina]]
* [[Not Made With Hands]]
* [[Not Quite an Anniversary]]
* [[Not the Same Old Lang Syne]]
* [[Obedience]]
* [[Obituary]]
* [[Octopus's Garden]]
* [[Odieus' Quest for the Magic Flingshot]]
* [[Of Forms Unknown]]
* [[Offensive Probing]]
* [[Offering]]
* [[The office]]
* [[Ofrenda a la Pincoya]]
* [[Ogre Woes]]
* [[Oh My Elder-God]]
* [[Oh No, Mr Crab Stole Your Hat!]]
* [[The Oily Deeps]]
* [[Old Jim's Convenience Store]]
* [[Old Man Simmons]]
* [[The Old Sherwood Cemetary]]
* [[The oldest hangover on Earth]]
* [[Olvido Mortal]]
* [[Ombre]]
* [[On Optimism]]
* [[On The Cross]]
* [[The one about the chicken, the lion and the monkey?]]
* [[One Girl]]
* [[One Night In The North Atlantic]]
* [[Only After Dark]]
* [[OnNoEf]]
* [[An Open Field]]
* [[Open That Vein]]
* [[Opening Night]]
* [[Order]]
* [[Orevore Courier]]
* [[The Orion Agenda]]
* [[Orpington]]
* [[Oth.]]
* [[Out]]
* [[Outsided]]
* [[Pac-Man]]
* [[Packrat]]
* [[Paint]]
* [[Painterly]]
* [[Pale Blue Light]]
* [[Pan de ajo]]
* [[Pantheon, Party On]]
* [[Pants on the Run]]
* [[Pantsless in Seattle]]
* [[Paparazzi]]
* [[The Paper Bag Princess]]
* [[The Parallax Moon Bar Conspiracy]]
* [[Parallel]]
* [[Paranoia]]
* [[Parthenon]]
* [[Party Foul]]
* [[Pas De Deux]]
* [[Pascal's Wager]]
* [[Pass the Banana]]
* [[Passenger]]
* [[Pathfinder]]
* [[Pathway to Destruction]]
* [[PAX East 2010 Speed-IF]]
* [[Pen and Paint]]
* [[The People's Glorious Revolutionary Text Adventure Game]]
* [[A Perfect Day for Candiru]]
* [[Perilkeet]]
* [[Perry's World]]
* [[Peter Theta Fixes the Holodeck]]
* [[Petit Gnome]]
* [[Phantom of the Arcade]]
* [[Phantom of the Arcade 2: Shadows, Darkness, and Dread]]
* [[Phantom: Caverns of the Killer]]
* [[Phlegm]]
* [[Photograph]]
* [[Photopia]]
* [[Phred Phontious and the Quest for Pizza]]
* [[The Physiognomist's Office]]
* [[Pick Up the IF-Archive and Pi]]
* [[Pick Up the Phone Booth and Aisle]]
* [[Pick Up The Phone Booth And Die]]
* [[Pick up the pine box and die]]
* [[The Pickpocket]]
* [[Piece of Mind]]
* [[Pigpancake]]
* [[Pintown]]
* [[Piracy 2.0]]
* [[Pirate Adventure]]
* [[Pirates and Ninjas and Aliens, Oh My!]]
* [[Pirates of the Caribou]]
* [[Pit of the Condemned]]
* [[Plan 6 from Inner Earth]]
* [[Plaque]]
* [[Please help me]]
* [[Polendina]]
* [[Pollo y Camino]]
* [[Porter Cave Adventure]]
* [[The Possibility of Life's Destruction]]
* [[Post-Christmas Letdown]]
* [[Potsticker]]
* [[Le pouvoir délaissé : The coming race II]]
* [[Practical Astrology]]
* [[Praser 5]]
* [[The President, the Democrats, and Smelly Pete]]
* [[Press Escape to Save]]
* [[The Primrose Path]]
* [[Prized Possession]]
* [[Prodly the Puffin]]
* [[The Profesee]]
* [[Professor Frank]]
* [[Project Seed]]
* [[Promoted]]
* [[Prosperity of Cheaters]]
* [[El Protector]]
* [[Pryde And The Pink Flamingo]]
* [[Psyche's Lament]]
* [[The Pumpkin]]
* [[The Pumpkin Context]]
* [[Punk Points]]
* [[Punkirita Quest One: Liquid]]
* [[The Puppet-Man]]
* [[Purple]]
* [[Pytho's Mask]]
* [[Pyramid of Doom]]
* [[The Quaking of WarCrysis 3: Resistance of Black Doom]]
* [[The Queen of Swords]]
* [[Questprobe: Featuring the Hulk]]
* [[Questprobe: Featuring the Human Torch and the Thing]]
* [[Questprobe: Featuring Spider-Man]]
* [[Quest for the Magic Healing Plant]]
* [[The Quest for the Sword of 1000 Truths]]
* [[A Quest Only For The Noble]]
* [[Queuelty]]
* [[A Quiet Evening at Home]]
* [[Ragnarok: Twilight of the Gods]]
* [[Raising the Flag on Mount Yo Momma]]
* [[Ralph]]
* [[Rameses]]
* [[Ramón and Jonathan]]
* [[Rats]]
* [[A Reading in May]]
* [[Reality Railroad]]
* [[Reality's End]]
* [[Red Moon]]
* [[Redemption]]
* [[De Reditu]]
* [[Redskirt]]
* [[Redskirt II: Another Piece of the Action]]
* [[Reflejos blancos]]
* [[The Reliques of Tolti-Aph]]
* [[Rendition]]
* [[Rent-A-Spy]]
* [[Reptile]]
* [[Research Dig]]
* [[The Retreat]]
* [[Return to Pirate's Isle]]
* [[Return to Zork: Another Story]]
* [[Revenge of the Chalupa]]
* [[Revenge of the Nockle : A Speed IF]]
* [[Reverberations]]
* [[Reverzi]]
* [[Ribbons]]
* [[The Richard Mines]]
* [[The Right Tool]]
* [[Rippled Flesh]]
* [[Risorgimento Represso]]
* [[The Ritual of Purification]]
* [[Riverside]]
* [[The Road to Destruction (featuring Bob Hope)]]
* [[Robodud]]
* [[Robot Finds Kitten]]
* [[Robot gardening]]
* [[Rock'Em Sock'Em Robots]]
* [[The Rocket Man from the Sea]]
* [[Rockrider]]
* [[Le Roi de Fihnargaia]]
* [[Rolled]]
* [[Romeo, Juliet and the Dog]]
* [[Roofed]]
* [[Room Serial]]
* [[La route des vins]]
* [[Rox]]
* [[Runes]]
* [[Sabotage!]]
* [[Safehouse]]
* [[Saied]]
* [[Salvate lo Stregatto]]
* [[Samurai Tea Room]]
* [[Sand-dancer]]
* [[Santa's Sleigh Ride]]
* [[Sarvegne]]
* [[Savage Island]]
* [[Save the Cheshire Cat]]
* [[Savoir-Faire]]
* [[Le Scarabée et le Katana]]
* [[Scary House Amulet!]]
* [[Schießbefehl]]
* [[Schooldays]]
* [[Schroedinger's Cat]]
* [[Scopa]]
* [[Screen]]
* [[A Scurvy of Wonders]]
* [[Sea Captains]]
* [[Sea Dreams]]
* [[Searching for Answers]]
* [[Secret Agent]]
* [[See the Constellation]]
* [[Seeking Solace]]
* [[La Seine]]
* [[Sell-Out]]
* [[Selves]]
* [[Service With a Smile]]
* [[Serving Your Country]]
* [[Sfida All'ignoto]]
* [[Shade]]
* [[A Shadow of Helpfulman]]
* [[Shadow of Memories]]
* [[Shadowgate]]
* [[Shangri La]]
* [[Sharing All The Way To The Bank]]
* [[She's Got a Thing for a Spring]]
* [[Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels]]
* [[The Ship of Whimsy]]
* [[Short of Sushi]]
* [[Shrapnel]]
* [[The Silence of the Gods]]
* [[Silicon Castles]]
* [[Sinking the Lily Jane]]
* [[Sins Against Mimesis]]
* [[Sisyphus]]
* [[Six Gray Rats Crawl Up The Pillow]]
* [[Sleep Cycle]]
* [[Slicker City]]
* [[Sloth on a Stroller]]
* [[Slouching Towards Bedlam]]
* [[Smoochiepoodle and the Bastion of Science]]
* [[Smugglers Rest]]
* [[Snack Time!]]
* [[Snafufun]]
* [[Snatches]]
* [[Sneaky Game]]
* [[The Snowman]]
* [[Snowquest]]
* [[So, You've Never Played a Text Adventure Before, Huh?]]
* [[So Far]]
* [[So It Goes]]
* [[The Sofa At The End Of The Universe]]
* [[Softporn Adventure]]
* [[Sogno di Sangue]]
* [[Solter Solitaire]]
* [[Somewhen]]
* [[Somewhere]]
* [[Someone Keeps Moving My Chair]]
* [[Son of a...]]
* [[Sorcerer of Claymourge Castle]]
* [[Sorcière au balcon, apprenti en déraison !]]
* [[Sortir de la chamber]]
* [[Soul-Searching]]
* [[La Source de Zig]]
* [[Southern Gothic]]
* [[Space Suit]]
* [[The Space Under the Window]]
* [[Spacestation]]
* [[Spare Some Change]]
* [[Sparky and Boots]]
* [[Spectrum (2011)|Spectrum]]
* [[Speculative Fiction]]
* [[Speed IF 2]]
* [[SpeedIF 19]]
* [[A speedIF O entry]]
* [[Spelunker's Quest]]
* [[Spider]]
* [[Spider And Web]]
* [[Spiral]]
* [[Spitting Crumbs]]
* [[Splashdown]]
* [[Spodgeville Murphy and The Jewelled Eye of Wossname]]
* [[Sporkery 1: There Will Be Sporking]]
* [[Spring Cleaning]]
* [[The Spy Who Always Wears Gloves Now]]
* [[Squeaky on the Moon]]
* [[Stack Overflow]]
* [[Stalling for Time]]
* [[Star City]]
* [[Star Hunter]]
* [[Starborn]]
* [[Stargazer: Prologue]]
* [[Statue]]
* [[The Statue Got Me High]]
* [[The Statuette]]
* [[Stiffy Makane: Mystery Science Theater 3000]]
* [[Sting of the Wasp]]
* [[Stink or Swim]]
* [[A Stop For the Night]]
* [[The Story of the Shinoboo]]
* [[Stranded (2006)|Stranded]]
* [[Strange Geometries]]
* [[Strange Odyssey]]
* [[A Stroll on the Roof]]
* [[Stuga]]
* [[Stupid Creek. Stupid Christmas.]]
* [[Stupid Kittens]]
* [[The Subtropical Server Room]]
* [[Suicide]]
* [[Sunburn]]
* [[Sunburst Contamination]]
* [[Sunday Afternoon]]
* [[Super Blow]]
* [[Super Star Trek|Super Z Trek]]
* [[Supermarket Robbery]]
* [[The Surprising Case of Brian Timmons]]
* [[Survive]]
* [[Suspect]]
* [[Suveh Nux]]
* [[Swanglass]]
* [[Swineback Ridge]]
* [[The Sword of Malice]]
* [[Sylenius Mysterium]]
* [[The Symbolic Engine]]
* [[Symetry]]
* [[The Tale of the Crazy Diaper Man]]
* [[The tale of the cursed eagle]]
* [[The Tale of the Kissing Bandit]]
* [[Tales From The College Presents A Breath Of Fresh Blair]]
* [[Tanker and Webb]]
* [[Tapestry]]
* [[Taunting Donut]]
* [[Taxes]]
* [[Tea and Toast]]
* [[Tea Ceremony]]
* [[Teacher Feature]]
* [[Teaching her to dance]]
* [[Tears Keep Getting In My Dr. Pepper]]
* [[Tears May Fall]]
* [[The Tempest]]
* [[The Temple]]
* [[Le Temple de Feu]]
* [[Tenth Plague]]
* [[Terminal]]
* [[The Terrible, Old Manse]]
* [[The Test is Now READY]]
* [[The Testing]]
* [[Tethered]]
* [[Textfire Golf]]
* [[Theatre]]
* [[There's a Snake in the Bathtub]]
* [[The Theta Point]]
* [[They're After You!]]
* [[Things that Don't Exist]]
* [[This is the game that I wrote]]
* [[Thorfinn's Realm]]
* [[The Thorn]]
* [[Three More Visitors]]
* [[The Three Rooms Game]]
* [[Three Steps to the Left]]
* [[Threediopolis]]
* [[Tightest]]
* [[Time For Tea]]
* [[Time to Shine]]
* [[Time: All Things Come to an End]]
* [[Timeout]]
* [[TimeTrap]]
* [[Tinseltown Blues]]
* [[Titanic: Leo's Revenge]]
* [[To Get to the Other Side]]
* [[Tommy the Toaster]]
* [[Tookie's Song]]
* [[Tooth Ow Zunden Too]]
* [[Tooth Ow Zunden Won!]]
* [[A Top Hat for Eddie]]
* [[Tough Beans]]
* [[Tourist Trap]]
* [[Tower]]
* [[Tower (2014)|Tower]]
* [[The Tower of Beef]]
* [[The Tower of the Elephant]]
* [[The Town Dragon]]
* [[Toxic Sewage (A (Love) Story)]]
* [[Toxin X]]
* [[Trac]]
* [[Tragedy strikes at the XYZZY awards!]]
* [[Trails]]
* [[Trainstopping]]
* [[Transfer]]
* [[Trapped]]
* [[Trapped in a One-Room Dilly]]
* [[Trapped in School]]
* [[Travels in the Land of Erden]]
* [[The Travels of Fitzwilliam Pound]]
* [[Treasures of a Slaver's Kingdom]]
* [[Trein]]
* [[Triple Bear Beer]]
* [[Triumphant Return of the Evil Sea Grape]]
* [[Truth]]
* [[Tryst of Fate]]
* [[Tube Trouble]]
* [[Turning Point]]
* [[Tuuli]]
* [[The Twelve Heads of St. John the Baptist]]
* [[Twilight of the Dogs]]
* [[Typo!]]
* [[Under Cover of Darkness]]
* [[Under the Bed]]
* [[Undersea Adventure]]
* [[Unforgotten]]
* [[The Unfortunate Training of Frank Lee, Monkey Butler to Be]]
* [[The Unicorn Pool]]
* [[Uno zombie a Deadville]]
* [[Unscientific Fiction]]
* [[The Unstoppable Vengeance of Doctor Bonesaw]]
* [[Uninvited]]
* [[Untitled]]
* [[Unyielding Fury]]
* [[Up Your Sleeve]]
* [[Upwards]]
* [[Upwards and Onwards]]
* [[Urban Conflict]]
* [[The Usher]]
* [[Uxmulbrufyuz]]
* [[Vacationing in Scotland]]
* [[The Valley House]]
* [[Varicella]]
* [[Varronis Museum]]
* [[Very Vile Fairy File]]
* [[Vespers]]
* [[Vestiges]]
* [[Vicious Cycles]]
* [[Vindaloo]]
* [[Violet]]
* [[Virtuality]]
* [[The Visitor]]
* [[Voices]]
* [[Voices of Spoon River]]
* [[Voodoo Castle]]
* [[Vortex 2305]]
* [[Waker]]
* [[A Walk In The Park]]
* [[A Walk Through Forever]]
* [[War Mage]]
* [[The War On New Year's]]
* [[The Warbler's Nest]]
* [[Wasser-Hasser]]
* [[The Waterhouse Women]]
* [[The Weapon]]
* [[Wearing the Claw]]
* [[The Wedding]]
* [[Weishaupt Scholars]]
* [[Werewolf]]
* [[Werner's Quest 1: The Black Ladder]]
* [[Werner's Quest 2: Revenge of the Thing-Fish]]
* [[Werner's Quest 3: Rance the Dungeonkeeper]]
* [[Werner's Quest 4: Unchanter]]
* [[What Dreams May Come]]
* [[What Happens in Vagueness]]
* [[What the Murderer Had Left]]
* [[What-IF?]]
* [[When Help Collides]]
* [[When I Grow Up I Want To Be A Firetruck]]
* [[When in Rome 1: Accounting for Taste]]
* [[When in Rome 2: Far from Home]]
* [[WHen mAchines aTtack]]
* [[Where Evil Dwells]]
* [[Where There's A Will]]
* [[White Houses]]
* [[Whom The Telling Changed]]
* [[The Wide-Open Gate]]
* [[Winchester's Nightmare]]
* [[Winter]]
* [[Winter Break]]
* [[Winter Wonderland]]
* [[Wish]]
* [[Wisp]]
* [[Withdrawal Symptoms]]
* [[Within a Wreath of Dewdrops]]
* [[A Wizard Goes Shopping]]
* [[Wooden Cat vs. Robot Monkey]]
* [[Words Get Twisted Round and Tumble Down]]
* [[Wormwood Days II: The Aftermath]]
* [[Wrenlaw]]
* [[Wry Humor]]
* [[Wumpus 2000]]
* [[The X Chicken]]
* [[Xmaton]]
* [[YAGWAD]]
* [[Yay Games]]
* [[You are a Turkey!]]
* [[You Are Here]]
* [[You are standing in a cave...]]
* [[You Have to Put the Baby New Year in the Champagne Bottle]]
* [[You're Fired]]
* [[You've Got A Stew Going!]]
* [[Ze French countryside is full of fresh air]]
* [[Zegrothenus]]
* [[A Zeroeth Dimension]]
* [[Zigamus: Zombies at Vigamus]]
* [[Zombies!]]
* [[Zork]]
* [[Zork, buried chaos]]
* [[Zork: A Troll's Eye View]]
* [[ZRacer]]
* [[The Zuni Doll]]
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|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[SCI]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[SCI]] ||
Line 2,419: Line 481:
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/ADRIFT]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/ADRIFT]] ||
Version 5:
* Version 5: See [[Engines/Glk#ADRIFT|ADRIFT Games]]
{| style="background:#fafafa"
|- valign=top
* [[An Adventurer's Backyard]]
* [[The After School Program]]
* [[Algernon's Conundrum]]
* [[All Through the Night]]
* [[Ambassador to Dupal]]
* [[Anno 1700]]
* [[The Axe of Kolt]]
* [[Bariscebik]]
* [[Beythilda the Night Witch]]
* [[The Big Spy Fiction-Comedy Mashup Game]]
* [[The Blank Wall]]
* [[The Bus]]
* [[The Call of the Shaman]]
* [[Can You Stand Up?]]
* [[Cavern of the Dinosaurs]]
* [[Color of Milk Coffee]]
* [[Condomocium]]
* [[The Dead of Winter]]
* [[Die Feuerfaust]]
* [[Dinner Plans]]
* [[Don't Go]]
* [[The Dragon Diamond]]
* [[The Drunken Harlot]]
* [[Edith's Cats]]
* [[Evil on Queen Street]]
* [[The Fortress of Fear]]
* [[Head Case]]
* [[Ignis Fatuus]]
* [[Jacaranda Jim]]
* [[Land of the Mountain King]]
* [[The Last Expedition]]
* [[The Lost Children]]
* [[Mystic Rhythms]]
* [[Noble Crook, Episode 1]]
* [[Noble Crook, Episode 2]]
* [[Noble Crook, Episode 3]]
* [[Noble Crook, Episode 4]]
* [[Organic]]
* [[A Reading in May]]
* [[Return to Camelot]]
* [[Run, Bronwynn, Run!]]
* [[Seduce Code]]
* [[Shattered Memory]]
* [[Six Silver Bullets]]
* [[Son of Camelot]]
* [[Space Detective, Episode 1]]
* [[Space Detective, Episode 2]]
* [[Space Detective, Episode 3]]
* [[Space Detective, Episode 4]]
* [[Space Detective, Episode 5]]
* [[Space Detective, Episode 6]]
* [[Space Detective, Episode 7]]
* [[The Spectre of Castle Coris]]
* [[Stone of Wisdom]]
* [[The Tartarus Project]]
* [[Temperamentum]]
* [[Tingalan]]
* [[Trapped]]
* [[The virtual human]]
* [[What the Murderer Had Left]]
* [[Working Man]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Glulxe]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Glulxe]] ||
{| style="background:#fafafa"
* [[Engines/Glk#Glulxe|Glulxe Games]]
|- valign=top
*[[The Abbey]]
*[[The Absence of Law]]
*[[Additional Tales from Castle Balderstone]]
*[[Advent Door]]
*[[Adventurer's Consumer Guide]]
*[[The Airport]]
*[[The Airport]]
*[[Alias: 'The Magpie']]
*[[Andromeda 1983]]
*[[Andromeda Apocolypse]]
*[[Andromeda Ascending]]
*[[Andromeda Awakening]]
*[[Andromeda Dreaming]]
*[[An Apple From Nowhere]]
*[[Ariadne in Aeaea]]
*[[Art of Fugue]]
*[[The Ascent of the Gothic Tower]]
*[[Barroom Brawl]]
*[[The Beast of Torrack Moor]]
*[[A Beauty Cold and Austere]]
*[[Because You're Mine]]
*[[Being There]]
*[[The Bible Retold: Following A Star]]
*[[Blue Lacuna]]
*[[Brain Guzzlers from Beyond]]
*[[Bigger Than You Think]]
*[[The Blood lust Warrior]]
*[[The Box, An Interactive Puzzler]]
*[[Bullhockey 2 - The Return of the Leather Whip]]
*[[Buy Gold]]
*[[Candle flames in windless air]]
*[[Can You Escape]]
*[[Captain Piedaterre's Blunders]]
*[[Captain Verdeterre's Plunder]]
*[[The Case of LeAnne's Missing Bunny, Wendy]]
*[[Castronegro Blues: Another Interactive Enigma]]
*[[Cheesed Off! A very cheesey adventure]]
*[[Channel Surfing]]
*[[A Cock and Bull Story]]
*[[Codetopia - A Code Adventure]]
*[[The Colder Light: A Winter's Tale]]
*[[The Colour of Magic Remake]]
*[[Color the Truth]]
*[[Colossal Cave Adventure]]
*[[Comp01ter Game: N0n C0mp0s Ment1s]]
*[[Conflicting Histories]]
*[[City of Secrets]]
*[[Counterfeit Monkey]]
*[[Counting Crabs: How many crabs can you count?]]
*[[Crack open a cold one with the Boiz]]
*[[Cragne Manor]]
*[[Crocodracula: What Happened to Calvin]]
*[[Curse of the Garden Isle]]
*[[Dames and Deadites]]
*[[Danse Nocturne]]
*[[Dark Carnival]]
*[[The Day I shot Alex]]
*[[The Day we got a pet]]
*[[Dead Cities]]
*[[A dead man's hug]]
*[[Death Off the Cuff]]
*[[Delphina's House]]
*[[Dial C for Cupcakes]]
*[[Diaper Quest]]
*[[Discover the World]]*[[Do not meddle]]
*[[The Life (and Deaths) of Doctor M]]
*[[Douchebag, an Existential Adventure]]
*[[Down, the Serpent and the Sun: an Anatomy]]
*[[Dracula: Part 1, The First Night]]
*[[Dracula: Part 2, The Arrival]]
*[[Dragon Adventure]]
*[[Dragon Demons: A World Traveling RPG]]
*[[Droll Toll Troll]]
*[[Dude, Where's My Scapula?]]
*[[The Duel that Spanned the Ages, Episode 1: The Age of Machines]]
*[[Dungeon's Puzzle]]
*[[Dungeon Text I - Escape From Darkness]]
*[[Another Earth, Another Sky]]
*[[Easter Egg Hunt 2020]]
*[[Endless Sands]]
*[[The Endling Archive]]
*[[The Enterprise Incidents: A Middle School Fantasy]]
*[[The Equivocal Ingredient]]
*[[An Evening at the Ransom Woodingdean Museum House]]
*[[Everybody Dies]]
*[[Farm Quest]]
*[[Ferrous Ring]]
*[[Final Project]]
*[[Flexible Survival]]
*[[Four Days of Summer]]
*[[The Fourth Riddle]]
*[[Genesis Quest]]
*[[Get Out!]]
*[[Ghosterington Night]]
*[[Glk Chess]]
*[[The Green Mountains]]
*[[Groove Billygoat]]
*[[Hadean Lands]]
*[[Hard Puzzle]]
*[[Hard Puzzle 2: The Cow, the Stool, and Other Animals]]
*[[Hard Puzzle 3: Origins]]
*[[Harold Night 2003]]
*[[Here Comes Treble]]
*[[The Hobbit - The True Story]]
*[[The Hours]]
*[[The House at the End of Rosewood Street]]
*[[The House of Fear]]
*[[The House of Mystery]]
*[[Hunger Daemon]]
*[[Illuminismo Iniziato]]
*[[Ill Wind]]
*[[In Good Company]]
*[[The Inform(al)7 Abbreviated Self Tutorial]]
*[[The Island of Doctor Wooby]]
*[[Jason and Medea]]
*[[A Killer Headache]]
*[[The King of Shreds and Patches]]
*[[Kingdom of Amphibia: The Shipwreck]]
*[[Last Resort]]
*[[The Laughing Gnome, by Teaspoon]]
*[[The Library, a Geocache Puzzle]]
*[[Lime Ergot]]
*[[The Lost Islands of Alabaz]]
*[[The Lost Kingdom of Codetopia]]
*[[LMS The Video Game]]
*[[Lock and Key]]
*[[A Long Drink]]
*[[The Lurking Horror II: The Lurkening]]
*[[The Mary Jane of Tomorrow]]
*[[Maybe make some change]]
*[[Molly and the Butter Thieves]]
*[[Moments out of Time]]
*[[Moments out of Time 2: Adventure Type]]
*[[Moonbase Indigo]]
*[[Muggle Studies]]
*[[Mud Warriors]]
*[[The Museum]]
*[[My Girlfriend's An Evil Bitch]]
*[[Mystery House Makeover]]
*[[The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket]]
*[[Necron's Keep]]
*[[New Cat]]
*[[No Sign Should Remain Inert]]
*[[Old fogey]]
*[[Olivia's Orphanorium]]
*[[Oppositely Opal]]
*[[The Outcasts]]
*[[The Owl Consults]]
*[[PDFA Ottumwa]]
*[[Phoenix Fire]]
*[[The Phoenix Move]]
*[[Pizza Delivery]]
*[[Playing Games]]
*[[Portfolio Piece]]
*[[Pytho's Mask]]
*[[The Realm of A'oria]]
*[[Reference and Representation: An Approach to First-Order Semantics]]
*[[Reor's Bush-Cave]]
*[[Risorgimento Represso]]
*[[Robin & Orchid]]
*[[The Rocket Man from the Sea]]
*[[A Roiling Original: Squeeal! A Sequel!]]
*[[The Roscovian Palladium]]
*[[Rover's Day Out]]
*[[Ryan Veeder's Authentic Fly Fishing]]
*[[Mid the sagebrush and the cactus]]
*[[Sam Fortune - Private Investigator]]
*[[Scroll Thief]]
*[[Section 1 - Awakened]]
*[[Sensory Jam]]
*[[Shapes: an Interactive Surrealism]]
*[[Sheep here]]
*[[Shuffling Around]]
*[[Signal Error: Tongue-in-cheek glitch correction]]
*[[The Simple Tale]]
*[[Smitten Kittens]]
*[[Someone Keeps Moving My Chair]]
*[[Speed Racer]]
*[[The Sky Crane]]
*[[The Spy Who Ate Lunch]]
*[[Stick It To The Man]]
*[[The Storm]]
*[[Sub Rosa: The Seven Deceits of Confessor Destine]]
*[[Superluminal Vagrant Twin]]
*[[Taco Fiction]]
*[[Tales from Castle Balderstone]]
*[[Terminator, a Robot Rescue]]
*[[Terminator Chaser]]
*[[The Thief of Woven Woods]]
*[[Thief, a Pokemon Text Adventure]]
*[[The Tiny House]]
*[[To Hell in a Hamper]]
*[[Today is the Same as Any Other]]
*[[The Train To Abaddon]]
*[[Trial of the Inuop]]
*[[Try Again]]
*[[Ugly Oafs. Save Green Terra! Repel the Wrath Pulse!]]
*[[Under, In Erebus]]
*[[Unscientific Fiction]]
*[[Valley of Steel]]
*[[The Wand by Arthur DiBianca]]
*[[Winter Storm Draco]]
*[[Wisher, Theurgist, Fatalist]]
*[[Works of Fiction]]
*[[Word of the Day]]
*[[Words of Power]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Comprehend]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/Comprehend]] ||
* [[The Coveted Mirror]]
* [[Engines/Glk#Comprehend|Comprehend Games]]
* [[The Crimson Crown: Further Adventures in Transylvania]]
* [[Oo-Topos]]
* [[Talisman: Challenging the Sands of Time]]
* [[Transylvania]]
* [[Transylvania III: Vanquish the Night]]
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|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/ZCode]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/ZCode]] ||
[[Infocom]] Z-code version 6 games:
* [[Infocom]] Z-code version 6 games: See [[Engines/Glk#ZCode|ZCode Games]]
{| style="background:#fafafa"
|- valign=top
*[[Zork Zero]]
*[[Sherlock: The Riddle of the Crown Jewels]]
*[[Arthur: The Quest for Excalibur]]
*[[James Clavell's Shōgun]]
*[[Journey: The Quest Begins]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/TADS]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Glk/TADS]] ||
{| style="background:#fafafa"
* [[Engines/Glk#TADS|TADS Games]]
|- valign=top
*[[1893: A World's Fair Mystery]]
*[[2044: Space Troopers]]
*[[+= 3: A Logical Adventure]]
*[[The Adventures of Helpfulman]]
*[[Alien Abduction?]]
*[[Above and Beyond!]]
*[[All Hope Abandon]]
*[[All Alone]]
*[[The Apprentice]]
*[[Arrival, or Attack of the B-Movie Cliches]]
*[[At Wit's End]]
*[[At Wit's End Again]]
*[[The Backlot]]
*[[Bad Machine]]
*[[Ballymun Adventure]]
*[[The Beetmonger's Journal]]
*[[Blighted Isle]]
*[[The Broken String]]
*[[Castle of Doom]]
*[[Cerulean Stowaway]]
*[[The Coast House]]
*[[Cloak of Darkness]]
*[[CoffeeQuest 2]]
*[[Colossal Cave Adventure]]
*[[Common Ground]]
*[[Comp02ter Game]]
*[[Cook Off]]
*[[The Cruise]]
*[[The Damp Camp]]
*[[Danger School]]
*[[Dark Angel]]
*[[Dead Man's Party]]
*[[Dear Brian]]
*[[Dear Brian]]
*[[Deep Space Drifter]]
*[[Depravity Bites]]
*[[The Devil in the Details]]
*[[Dexter Dixon: In Search of the Prussian Pussy|Dexter Dixon]]
*[[Die Vollkommene Masse]]
*[[Ditch Day Drifter]]
*[[Don't Fire Until You See The Yellows Of Their Niblets]]
*[[Dr Who and the Ribos Operation]]
*[[The Ebb and Flow of the Tide]]
*[[Edgar Huntly, Or, Memoirs of a Sleepwalker]]
*[[Elizabeth Hawk's Forever Always: a Romance Novel Game]]
*[[The Elysium Enigma]]
*[[Escape from the Arboretum]]
*[[Escape from the Crazy Place]]
*[[Eterna Corp]]
*[[Everybody Loves a Parade]]
*[[Exactly 14 syllables... er, gulps!]]
*[[Excuse Me, Do You Have The Time?]]
*[[Fake News]]
*[[Finding Martin]]
*[[First Things First]]
*[[Four in One]]
*[[The Frenetic Five vs. Mr. Redundancy Man]]
*[[The Frenetic Five vs. The Seven Deadly Dwarves]]
*[[The Frenetic Five vs. Sturm und Drang]]
*[[Friendly Foe]]
*[[Frobozz Magic Support]]
*[[The Gate]]
*[[GC: A Thrashing Parity Bit of the Mind]]
*[[The Golden Fleece]]
*[[Gifts of Phallus 3: The Valkin War]]
*[[Generic New York Apartment Building]]
*[[The Golden Skull]]
*[[Galactic Peace]]
*[[Gun Mute]]
*[[To Hell in a Hamper]]
*[[HERO, INC Part One: "Calling All Heroes"]]
*[[Hide and Seek]]
*[[The Holy Grail]]
*[[Home Open]]
*[[The Horror of Rylvania]]
*[[The House]]
*[[I don't remember why this game is called "Onion"]]
*[[I'm Gonna Take You To The Video Bar]]
*[[In Darkness]]
*[[In the Wilderness]]
*[[Insanity Cubed]]
*[[The Island of Infinity]]
*[[The Isle of the Cult]]
*[[It's a Match!]]
*[[It Could Only Happen To You]]
*[[Jack's Adventures, or, On The Run in Fairyland with a Golden Goose and a Magic Guitar|Jack's Adventures]]
*[[John's Fire Witch]]
*[[The Journey of the King]]
*[[Kids, don't eat your Halloween candy without having your parents inspect it first]]
*[[Kissing the Buddha's Feet]]
*[[Kitchen Encounters]]
*[[A Lady in Waiting]]
*[[Last Minute Gift]]
*[[Last Ride of the Night]]
*[[The Legend Lives!]]
*[[The Lesson of the Tortoise]]
*[[Lethe Flow Phoenix: A Flight of Fantasy]]
*[[The Light: Shelby's Addendum]]
*[[Look Around the Corner]]
*[[Losing Your Grip]]
*[[Lost New York]]
*[[Lydia's Heart]]
*[[Magic Realms: The Sword of Kasza]]
*[[Maiden of the Moonlight]]
*[[The Mansion or The Tale of the Adventurous Thief]]
*[[Martha's Big Date]]
*[[A Matter of Importance]]
*[[Max Blaster and Doris de Lightning Against the Parrot Creatures of Venus]]
*[[Mean Streets]]
*[[The Mechano-Menace]]
*[[Meine Dalix]]
*[[The Mission]]
*[[Mrs. Pepper's Nasty Secret]]
*[[Murmellius 2]]
*[[Museum of TADS]]
*[[My Last Rodeo]]
*[[My Special Gift]]
*[[A Night Guest]]
*[[A Night at the Museum Forever]]
*[[Ninja Burger]]
*[[No Time To Squeal]]
*[[Nothing but Mazes]]
*[[Office Fantasy: The Boss' Wife]]
*[[Office Fantasy: Working Late]]
*[[Once and Future]]
*[[One Foot Down]]
*[[The One That Got Away]]
*[[The Oracle]]
*[[Past Tense]]
*[[PC University: An Everyday Nightmare]]
*[[Peko's Story]]
*[[Perdition's Flames]]
*[[The Pesach Adventure]]
*[[The Plant]]
*[[Pool Party]]
*[[Prelude to Night]]
*[[Prom Night]]
*[[PTBAD4: How the Record Got its Groove Back]]
*[[PTBAD5: Jesus Attack of Jesus Christ and the Church of the Seventeenth day Robots]]
*[[The Quest of the Golden Banana]]
*[[Rat In Control]]
*[[The Recruit]]
*[[Reefer Island]]
*[[Return to Ditch Day]]
*[[The Reveal]]
*[[Rogue Cop]]
*[[Rogue of the Multiverse]]
*[[Sabotage on the Century Cauldron]]
*[[Santa's Little Helper]]
*[[Saturn's Child]]
*[[Save Princeton]]
*[[Scavenger: Night's Edge]]
*[[The Sea of Night]]
*[[The Second Pit]]
*[[The Sex Artist]]
*[[Shadowland I: The Tower of Iron]]
*[[Shelter from the Storm]]
*[[Silence of the Lambs]]
*[[A Simple Theft]]
*[[The Singular, and Historically Inaccurate, Misadventures of Nobeard: Would-be Scourge of the Carribbean]]
*[[Slap That Fish]]
*[[The Sleeping Princess]]
*[[Small World]]
*[[Space Shooter: A TADS 3 abuse]]
*[[Special Detective Agent]]
*[[Spyder and Jeb]]
*[[Square Circle]]
*[[A Sugared Pill]]
*[[Sunset Over Savannah]]
*[[Textfire Golf]]
*[[Three Days of Night]]
*[[Till Death Makes a Monk-Fish Out of Me]]
*[[Tomorrow Never Comes]]
*[[Tyler's Great Cube Game]]
*[[The Underoos that ate New York]]
*[[Uncle Zebulon's Will]]
*[[Undertale: Epilogue]]
*[[Unease, Release]]
*[[Unnkulia One-Half: The Salesman Triumphant]]
*[[Unnkulian Underworld: The Unknown Unventure]]
*[[Unnkulian Unventure II: The Secret of Acme]]
*[[Unnkulia X: Escape of the Sacrificed]]
*[[Urban Cleanup]]
*[[VERITAS: A Harvard Game of Interactive Fiction]]
*[[Walker and Silhouette]]
*[[Ward Z]]
*[[The Water Bird]]
*[[Wolfenschtein: The Text Adventure!]]
*[[Worlds Apart]]
*[[Wormhole: The Beginning]]
*[[The Writing on the Wall]]
*[[Wuthering Heights]]
*[[WWE – RAW’s New GM]]
*[[You are a Chef!]]
*[[You Matched!]]
*[[Your Choice]]
*[[Zero Sum]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Griffon]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Griffon]] ||
Line 3,187: Line 673:
| align=center valign=top| [[Chewy]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Chewy]] ||
* [[Chewy: Esc from F5]]
* [[Chewy: Esc from F5]]
|- style="background-color: #fafafa;"
| align=center valign=top| [[Cine]] ||
* [[Operation Stealth]]
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| align=center valign=top| [[Composer]] ||
| align=center valign=top| [[Composer]] ||

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