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* [[AGOS]]: [[Personal Nightmare]]
* [[AGOS]]: [[Personal Nightmare]]
* [[Draci]]: [[Dragon History]] (GSoC 2009 task)
* [[Draci]]: [[Dragon History]] (GSoC 2009 task)
* [[SCUMM]] : [[SCUMM/TG16|PC-Engine/Turbografx Loom]]
* [[Teen]]: [[TeenAgent]]
* [[Teen]]: [[TeenAgent]]

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ScummVM currently supports, or is in the process of adding support for, the following engines (sorted alphabetically):

Complete engines in the latest stable version

Complete engines in the latest unstable version

In-Progress engines

Frozen engines (in progress, but haven't been updated for the past 6 months)

In-Progress/Frozen engines not yet added in ScummVM's code tree

Future engines

Adding a new engine

External links

  • The ScummVM-Misc project keeps a list of known engines that haven't been added to ScummVM's SVN for whatever reason