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GP2X Port
Latest Released Version 0.9.1/0.10.0 Test Releases
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Additional Webpage(s) SVN Builds and Port News
Maintainer(s) DJWillis
Forum Port Forum
Status Maintained
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Port information

The GP2X port of ScummVM became an official supported port at the same time as the 0.9.1 release of ScummVM. All further releases will be made inline with the main ScummVM release cycle.

'Test' releases from SVN snapshots will still be made infrequently on the existing port homepage (see Links).

The official ScummVM port for the GP2X has some limitations over its full 'personal computer' siblings. These are mainly found in the input and screen areas. As such full ScummVM compatibility information should only be used as a guide not a definitive statement that a game will work on the GP2X.

The port uses a custom backend (/backends/platform/gp2x in SVN) that uses a mixture of GP2X specific code and portions derived from the generic SDL backend.

Controls for ScummVM on the GP2X

Mouse Emulation:

Move Pointer
Stick Click
‘light’ Left Click
Left click
Right click

Keyboard Emulation:

Space Bar (Pause)
Right Trigger
Game Menu (Save, Load, Quit etc.)
Volume Buttons
Increase and Decrease volumes

Button combos:

To use a combo hold the Left Trigger and...

Volume Buttons
Increase and Decrease subtitle speed (In SCUMM games)
Right Trigger
0 (For skipping the copy protection in Monkey Island 2)
Toggle "zoom" mode (Zooms the screen upto 1/4 size) - Ideal for games like Broken Sword
Exit ScummVM gracefully (Please exit doing this, do not just turn off your GP2X)
Open "predictive text" entry dialog in AGI games as long as a suitable dictionary is available (included in > 0.10.0 releases)

Compatibility List

See GP2X/Compatibility for compatibility lists.

Known Issues

See GP2X/Known_Issues for the current issue lists.