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About ScummVM for the GP32

The port of ScummVM to the GP32 is one of the baby ports in so much as the GP32 has only 8MB of RAM making it one of the most ham-strung of the all the supported platforms. In order to make best use of the limited resources on the GP32 ScummVM uses a totally custom backend for the platform (not the more common SDL approach).

Mainly due to memory constraints the supported games on the GP32 are somewhat on the low side and compatibility is focused around the SCUMM engine.

It is actively maintained by WonStar.

Compatibility List

0.9.1 Release

For best results play games with uncompressed audio when they can fit on the SMC card.

As this is the 1st official release of the port in some time the compatibility list is a bit of a blank page at the moment.