Gabriel Knight 2 Subtitles

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Subtitle Patches

Fans have created patches for Gabriel Knight 2 which add English or Spanish subtitles to English versions of the game. The Spanish patch includes localized graphics of documents and signs. Both patches are compatible with ScummVM as of version 2.1.1. There is also a French subtitle patch by a different group which is reported to be compatible.

Each subtitle patch is distributed as a Windows installer. Do not run this program. Instead use 7-Zip to extract the patch files directly from the installer, which is named GK2Subtitles.exe or GK2SpanishSubtitles.exe. Alternatively, you can use any program capable of extracting files from a Nullsoft Scriptable Install System (NSIS) installer.

Install Instructions

Warning: Subtitle patches overwrite original game files. Do not apply one to your only copy or you will be unable to remove it.

  1. Locate your GK2 game directory and note if it contains a PATCHES directory.
  2. Download the English or Spanish subtitle patch from
  3. Extract the installer from the zip file.
  4. Use 7-Zip to open the installer and locate the directory named SUBPATCH or SPSUB. This directory will contain over 1,000 files.
  5. Extract all the files within SUBPATCH or SPSUB to your game directory. If your game directory has a PATCHES directory then extract to PATCHES instead. Overwrite any existing files with the same name.

Recap: Use 7-Zip to extract all the installer files from SUBPATCH or SPSUB to your game directory, unless your game directory has a PATCHES directory, in which case extract them there.

Known Limitations

Saved games created before applying the subtitle patch will not be compatible afterwards.

On systems with slower media such as SD cards, the large number of patch files can cause a significant delay when starting the game. [Bug #11353]