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developer=Stefan Jokisch, [[User:dreammaster|dreammaster]]|
developer=David Griffith, [[User:dreammaster|dreammaster]]|
companies=[[Infocom]] and others|
companies=[[Infocom]] and others|
usedBy=innumerable games|
usedBy=innumerable games|

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Engine developer David Griffith, dreammaster
Companies that used it Infocom and others
Games that use it innumerable games
Date added to ScummVM 2018-12-09
First release containing it None


Frotz is the most popular Z-machine implementation, developed by Stefan Jokisch to play games adhering to the different Z-machine versions of text-based games, first introduced for the Zork series and following games by Infocom, then later Graham Nelson's Inform that became the de facto standard for interactive fiction.


Infocom games:

Converted from Alan2:

Converted from Scottfree - Adventure International games:

Converted from Scottfree - Mysterious Adventures series:

Converted from Miscellaneous architectures:


A work-in-progress sub-engine of the new ScummGlk API has been added based on Frotz.


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