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*[[The Abbey]]
*[[The Abbey]]
*[[The Absence of Law]]
*[[The Absence of Law]]
*[[Advent Door]]
*[[Adventurer's Consumer Guide]]
*[[Adventurer's Consumer Guide]]

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Engine developer Andrew Plotkin, dreammaster
Companies that used it numerous
Games that use it See Games
Date added to ScummVM 2018-12-09
First release containing it None


Glulxe (Glulx Execute) is an interpreter for games designed in Glulx format. The latter is an interactive fiction virtual machine. Unlike other interactive fiction virtual machines, such as Z-machine, it is 32-bit, so it can handle games up to four gigabytes in size.



A work-in-progress sub-engine of the new Glk API has been added based on Glulxe.


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