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usedBy=See [[Glk/Quest#Games|Games]]|
usedBy=See [[Glk/Quest#Games|Games]]|
dateAdded=September 29, 2019|
dateAdded=September 29, 2019|

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*[[The Bafflingly Casual Adventures of No One of Significant Import]]
*[[Basilica de Sangre]]
*[[Behind the Door]]
*[[Blade Sentinel]]
*[[Cabin Fever]]
*[[A Christmas Game]]
*[[A Christmas Game: The Sequel]]
*[[Cloak of Darkness]]
*[[Cloak of Darkness]]
*[[Dream Pieces]]
*[[Dream Pieces 2]]
*[[Eight characters, a number, and a happy ending]]
*[[Encyclopedia of Elementals]]
*[[Fade to White]]
*[[Fun Tiemz]]
*[[Gathered In Darkness]]
*[[Guttersnipe: Carnival of Regrets]]
*[[Guttersnipe: St. Hesper's Asylum for the Criminally Mischievous]]
*[[Guttersnipe: The Baleful Backwash]]
*[[I am a math teacher and I am about to die]]
*[[Is This Reality or Fantasy?]]
*[[Jacqueline, Jungle Queen!]]
*[[The Legend of Robin Hood]]
*[[Life .::PART ONE::.]]
*[[The Mansion]]
*[[The Mouse Who Woke Up For Christmas]]
*[[Murder on the Hill]]
*[[The Myothian Falcon]]
*[[Neighbours From Hell]]
*[[Night House]]
*[[One Night Stand]]
*[[Pathway to Destruction]]
*[[Pixie's Quest]]
*[[Posh's New Year's Eve]]
*[[The Prince on a Tightrope]]
*[[The Quest to Make the Ultimate Game]]
*[[Sir Loin and the coming of age]]
*[[Sir Loin 2: The Phantom Dennis]]
*[[Space Punk Moon Tour]]
*[[Strange Day at School]]
*[[What Once Was]]
*[[Worship the Pig]]
*[[Zombie Apocalypse .:It's Only The Beginning:. ~Part One~]]
*[[Zombie Apocalypse .:The Journey Begins:. ~Part Two~]]


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Engine developer dreammaster
Companies that used it various
Games that use it See Games
Date added to ScummVM 2019-09-29
First release containing it 2.2.0


The Quest sub-engine is based on the Geas interpreter, copyright © Mark Tilford and David Jones.



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