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  • Gobliiins 1, Gobliins 2, Goblins 3, The Prophecy, Bargon Attack, Lost in Time and Woodruff are completable.
  • A.J's World is playable. No saving + minor glitches.
  • Bambou is completable. Skipping videos breaks palette and animated buttons are currently not looping and blocking mouse.
  • Fascination is completable (except the hebrew version). The AdLib player is missing in the DOS version (floppy).
  • Inca II starts and is playable. No space shooter.
  • Little Red Riding Hood starts and is playable until the bee level. Direction keys required.
  • Playtoons start and the story is playable. Creation mode is not fully working.
  • The Last Dynasty's videos play but exits after the intro.
  • Urban Runner locks up at the hotel, after setting the garbage bin on fire

Bugs, glitches and ToDos

Script bugs

  • Gobliins 2: Leaving Vivalzart's screen and returning after putting the mushroom into the machine yields another mushroom in the inventory. Letting Winkle use that one with the machine locks him up.
  • Gobliins 2: In music land, trying to switch the screen should be prohibited by the scripts, but isn't. A workaround keeps ScummVM from crashing and shows a dialog box instead. [Bug #1705338]
  • Gobliins 2: In the bubble screen, the game lets you try to release the prince before acquiring the safety pin, leaving you in an unfinishable state. [Bug #1786556]
  • Bargon Attack: Graphical glitch when loading a save made on the Bargon bridge after transforming self (the original actor appears as well).
  • LOST IN TIME: sprite gets corrupted during a dialogue. [Bug #2033907]
  • Goblins 3: 'A Bell' button hotspot disappears. [Bug #2016550]
  • Goblins 3: Chessboard scene reloads after the rat is first used. [Bug #2138762]
  • Goblins 3: Unable to enter the Battlefield. [Bug #2392671]
  • Goblins 3: Unable to progress through queen's throne room. [Bug #2355116]
  • Woodruff: Infinite hypnotic CDs. [Bug #1975099]
  • Woodruff: Access to the Laboratory. [Bug #1975177]
  • Woodruff: Wrong code for safe in temple. [Bug #1996714]
  • Woodruff: Bluxtre nut not drawn after leaving it on the ground. [Bug #1971739]


  • Mouse cursor sometimes shown when it shouldn't and vice versa. (Introduced when I changed cursor handling to the CursorManager; my solution isn't all that great, apparently.)
  • The number of used jokers isn't saved correctly: you'll always have 5 to spend again after loading. This is a result of using individual files for each save slot and letting the user exit with CTRL-Q (the number of jokers is saved globally for the whole game and only when exiting using the menu).



  • Ween: Wrong speaker sound when putting away items on some machines.

File-specific tasks


  • Add support for other rendering modes (EGA/CGA/Hercules) lega.gdr, l360.gdr, lcga.gdr.


  • Gobliiins Mac: musmac1.adl isn't played correctly at all.

Game-specific tasks


  • Animated buttons shouldn't block the mouse, and should loop.
  • Skipping videos breaks the palette.


  • The AdLib player (MDY/TBR) is missing.
  • Implement window traces.
  • Some versions have incorrect timing in several places as they used loading time. Fixing the scripts is required in those cases (before entering the lab was the most visible example, now fixed)
  • The Hebrew version is broken: the hotspots are not working in the suitcase, in the first room.
  • Add support to the RAC file, which is used by the protection of the CD version. (not really required, the game works with extracted STKs)
  • The duration of short sounds is sometimes incorrect. The most obvious problem is the sound of the keys of the phone: the sound is not played for each key (first room). This may be similar to the Ween sound issue.
  • The game sometimes hangs in the parking lot when the card is used directly, without the code. This also occurs in the original exe.

Inca 2

  • The (hard-coded) space shooter isn't yet implemented.
  • No saving yet.
  • A few graphic glitches remain.

Little Red Riding Hood

  • Handle direction keys, so that the arcade part is playable


  • Animated buttons shouldn't block the mouse, and should loop.
  • Speechs end too early outside the story.
  • Creation tool is not working properly.
  • Clicking on a word should spell it, not the first word of the sentence

The Last Dynasty

  • Space shooter is hard-coded there, too.
  • The game currently loops strangely, thanks to the faked shooter return code.

Urban Runner

  • Lock up at the hotel.


  • Crash while loading the "Game over" screen for the Rummy game: [Bug #1974745]