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  • Gobliiins 1, Gobliins 2, Goblins 3, The Prophecy, Bargon Attack, Lost in Time and Woodruff are completable.
  • A.J's World is playable. No saving + minor glitches.
  • Inca II starts and is playable. No space shooter.
  • The Last Dynasty's videos play but exits after the intro.
  • Urban Runner crashes/locks immediately.

Port-specific problems

  • Goblins 3: Broken scrolling on SymbianOS. Game is not completable. (Forum Post). Fixed in the SVN repository.

Bugs, glitches and ToDos

Script bugs

  • Gobliins 2: Leaving Vivalzart's screen and returning after putting the mushroom into the machine yields another mushroom in the inventory. Letting Winkle use that one with the machine locks him up.
  • Gobliins 2: In music land, trying to switch the screen should be prohibited by the scripts, but isn't. A workaround keeps ScummVM from crashing and shows a dialog box instead. [Bug #1705338]
  • Gobliins 2: In the bubble screen, the game lets you try to release the prince before acquiring the safety pin, leaving you in an unfinishable state. [Bug #1786556]
  • Bargon Attack: Graphical glitch when loading a save made on the Bargon bridge after transforming self (the original actor appears as well).
  • Goblins 3:'A Bell' button hotspot disappears. [Bug #2016550]
  • Goblins 3: Chessboard scene reloads after the rat is first used. [Bug #2138762]
  • Goblins 3: Unable to enter the Battlefield. [Bug #2392671]


  • Mouse cursor sometimes shown when it shouldn't and vice versa. (Introduced when I changed cursor handling to the CursorManager; my solution isn't all that great, apparently.)
  • The number of used jokers isn't saved correctly: you'll always have 5 to spend again after loading. This is a result of using individual files for each save slot and letting the user exit with CTRL-Q (the number of jokers is saved globally for the whole game and only when exiting using the menu).



  • Ween: Wrong speaker sound when putting away items on some machines.


  • VMD: No stereo sound.
  • VMD: Urban Runner's videos completely broken.

File-specific tasks


  • Add support for other rendering modes (EGA/CGA/Hercules) lega.gdr, l360.gdr, lcga.gdr.


  • Gobliins 2: The intro music has broken percussions. A bug in the AdLib emulator.
  • Gobliiins Mac: musmac1.adl isn't played correctly at all.

Game-specific tasks


  • Flickering while switching from "normal" objects to object videos (before the first object video frame, neither is drawn).
  • Problems with the Italian version: [Bug #1981031]
  • Crash while loading the "Game over" screen for the Rummy game: [Bug #1974745]

Inca 2

  • The (hard-coded) space shooter isn't yet implemented.
  • No saving yet.
  • A few graphic glitches remain.

The Last Dynasty

  • Half-res videos should be scaled.
  • Intro video still buggy.
  • Space shooter is hard-coded there, too.
  • The game exits "normally" after playing the intro (unimplemented GoblinOpcodes).

Urban Runner

  • The videos are doing "funky" stuff.
  • Crashes after the (broken) intro.