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usedBy=[[The Griffon Legend]]|
usedBy=[[The Griffon Legend]]|
dateAdded=November 13, 2019|
dateAdded=November 13, 2019|
release=ScummVM 2.2.0

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Engine developer sev,strangerke
Companies that used it Syn9 (Daniel Kennedy)
Games that use it The Griffon Legend
Date added to ScummVM 2019-11-13
First release containing it ScummVM 2.2.0


This engine was used for a freeware zelda-like RPG called The Griffon Legend. The original game was written in FreeBASIC by Syn9 as part of some contest and published with the full source code. Then it was rewritten to C and ported to GCW0 by Dmitry Smagin. The ScummVM engine is based on the C code from Dmitry Smagin.



  • The Griffon Legend should be completable.
  • The only known issue is that the final boss is very difficult to beat due to problems with moving.
  • Return to Launcher is not yet implemented.

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