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Engine developer spookypeanut, jvprat
Companies that used it Trilobyte, Aftermath Media
Games that use it The 7th Guest
Date added to ScummVM 2008-11-14
First release containing it None

The Groovie engine was used to create several games between 1993 and 1998. It was originally developed to use the full potential of the then emerging CD-ROM, and it can be considered a video player with interactive parts. There are two main versions of the engine: the first version (just used in The 7th Guest) plays VDX videos using 256 colors, while the second version (used from The 11th Hour on) requires 16bpp to play ROQ videos (a format which was later also used in id Software's Quake 3).


(The checksums page keeps track of which different exe versions are available, though we haven't found any differences in data files (yet))


  • The 7th Guest: completable, but the AI in the microscope puzzle is not working yet (Stauf continually makes the same (invalid) move until the player wins)
  • The 11th Hour: some early test code for the video format (which is different to T7G)


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