Groovie/T7G/Script Variables

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Variable Meaning Used
0x000-0x009 (boolean) Savegame available Set by opcode 0x3C (check valid saves).
0x08C & 0x08D Indicate which room the character is in
0x100 Audio driver: 1 = GM, 2 = MT32 Has to be set from the game options. Shows a "loading roland / general midi driver" video at the start and probably sends sysexes while playing it
0x102 Return value of functions Set by opcode 0x17 (return)
0x103 Timer Incremented regularly (while idling) although can be "seeded" as such by the script
0x104 Number of available savegames Set by opcode 0x3C (check valid saves). Enables the "load" option in the main menu if it's different than 0
0x106 Current CD: -1=none, 0=all, 1, 2 Set by opcode 0x4C (getcd). Shows the screen asking for a CD