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Variable Meaning Used
*0x000*-*0x009* (boolean) Savegame available Set by opcode 0x3C (check valid saves).
*0x08C* & *0x08D*
*0x100* Audio driver: 1 = GM, 2 = MT32 Has to be set from the game options. Shows a "loading roland / general midi driver" video at the start and probably sends sysexes while playing it
*0x102* Return value of functions Set by opcode 0x17 (return)
*0x104* Number of available savegames Set by opcode 0x3C (check valid saves). Enables the "load" option in the main menu if it's different than 0
*0x106* Current CD: -1=none, 0=all, 1, 2 }