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Groovie TODO

Things that need doing for the Groovie engine. As always, talk to the team before starting one, in case someone's already doing it.


  • Implement the Macintosh version music (compressed SMF, custom instruments for the Mac synth)
  • Cursors not pretty in non-paletted cursor platform (it seems we should provide a fallback)
  • Performance bad on low-end platforms (e.g. 650MHz WinCE, stuttering during "cd audio" (mp3) playback)
  • Record AdLib music in Dosbox and ScummVM, check for differences


  • Fix ROQ glitches
  • Complete the opcodes
  • ...

Optional improvements

  • Convert VDX and ROQ players into VideoDecoder subclasses
  • Convert to use Archive subclasses and search manager
  • Reuse the code of the script disassembler on the engine itself