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How to add new team members

TODO: Explain what to do *before* adding a new user; and what to do once the new user was added.

Adding new members involves the following things (list may not be complete):

  • Point out our rules: Code Formatting Conventions, ...
  • Ensure they are subscribed to scummvm-devel
  • Add them to as project members
    • Make sure to also setup appropriate tracker access levels
    • Point them to the tracker admin HOWTO below
  • TODO: Forum: account in group "ScummVM Team"
  • TODO: Wiki: account
  • TODO: Introduction email
  • ...

How to be a forum moderator

TODO: Explain how to ban a user properly; how to deal with spam; ...

How to triage bug reports

TODO: Describe how to react to new bug reports; how to get more info, how to use canned responses; which bug title format we use; etc.