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Once an engine has been accepted into the master branch, finished, and is ready to be playtested, do this stuff to get it ready:

  1. Change any ADGF_UNSTABLE flags in the engine’s detection table to ADGF_TESTING
  2. Change the [build-by-default] flag in the engine’s configure.engine file to yes
  3. Update the game’s information pages in the wiki:
    1. Change the game’s category from Category:Unsupported Games to Category:Supported Games
    2. Set the Support status in the infobox to the next ScummVM release version in form 'Since ScummVM X.X.0'
    3. Fill out any other missing information in the infobox
  4. Add the new game(s) to the NEWS file
  5. If necessary, add special notes to section 3 of the README file
  6. Add the engine author(s) to the file and run make credits to update the AUTHORS and credits.h files.
  7. If the engine uses a data file, make sure it is added to the list of files to distribute:
    1. Add it to DIST_FILES_ENGINEDATA in Makefile.common
    2. Add it to dists/scummvm.rc
    3. Add it to dists/irix/scummvm.idb
    4. Add it to devtools/create_project/xcode.cpp (in the XcodeProvider::getResourceFiles() function).
    5. Add it to scumm_package_master in the buildbot master.cfg file.
  8. Make sure Datafiles is up-to-date
  9. Make sure the engine and game are added to the bug tracker (engine in Components, game in Custom Fields->game)
  10. Publish a news entry announcing game testing at scummvm/scummvm-web:data/en/news/ (e.g. Full Pipe announcement). Also, provide to sev several screenshots for the Facebook post
    1. Copy the news to the forums, General Discussion subforum, mark the post as an announcement
    2. Ask sev to publish on Facebook and provide the game screenshots
  11. Update the Website
    1. Update the compatibility data at the ScummVM Data spreadsheet with compatibility information for the new game(s)
      1. If necessary, add the company to 'companies' tab
      2. Add game to the 'games' tab, don't forget to provide the game hook to the Datafiles
      3. Add game to the 'compatibility' tab
    2. If necessary, update the demos list at the ScummVM Data spreadsheet with new game demos
    3. Run composer update-data for updating the website
  12. Upload demos if any
    1. After uploading demos, put the links to the data spreadsheet
    2. Add the game category icon as described here