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This is a description of how to create a FM-Towns font rom (FMT_FNT.ROM) from the Windows font MS Mincho.

This font rom is for use with the Kanji versions of the FM-Towns/PC98 games in ScummVM It currently describes how to create this font rom for Windows users.


You are required to obtain the MakeFont utility from here.

You will need to:

Extract MakeFont into a suitable folder, this can be extracted using Winrar. Start the program.

  • Choose MS Mincho from the font face list.(There are others you could try, but this guide concentrates on that font face since it available in XP and Vista)
  • Choose the Unz 16dot font (fmt_fnt.rom) from the font type list.
  • Choose an appropriate output directory for your font rom and finally click ok.

If everything goes well then you should have a file called ‘FMT_FNT.ROM’ in your chosen directory.

This file can then be placed in your chosen game directory, or in your extrapath directory.