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How to make a ScummVM release.

This is work in progress and needs to be completed!


  • Making the release plan
  • Telling people about it, making sure everybody knows what is going on

Testing & Branching

  • Identify release critical (show stopper) bugs and get people to fix them.
  • Identify other important bugs and get people to fix them.
  • Get even more people to fix all the other bugs, if possible :-).
  • Get people to do lots of testing, possibly by asking for help via a news item.
  • Collect all that information (e.g. in the Wiki).



  • Make source tarballs, post them in the FRS.
  • Get porters to make binaries. Note: We have a filename convention, which goes like this: "scummvm-VERSION-PORT.EXTENSION". For example: "scummvm-1.0.0-macosx.dmg".
  • Update the website internally, but do not yet put these changes online.

News & Notification

Write a news blurb (or rather multiple to be used in the following). Usually, you want a bit longer one for the website, a list for Versiontracker, something with proper english sentences for Freshmeat, etc....

  • Write a news item for our website.
  • Create a news item (Ender, Fingolfin, Sev, ...)
  • Update Freshmeat (Ender, Fingolfin, ...)
  • Update (Fingolfin)
  • Put the updated web site online
  • In the File Release System, use the "Notify" feature to make sure everybody who's interested in new releases gets a mail