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Name Hopkins Engine TODO
Technical Contact(s) Hopkins Engine Team
Subsystem Engine


  • All tested games (Win95, OS/2, Linux, BeOS) are completable.
  • BE systems show some error
  • Polish and Spanish versions haven't been tested yet


  • Test the remaining versions
  • Refactor the engine

Nice to have

  • Original OS/2 map present in a DAT file for the Win version, which requires some legal issues to be fixed.

Known Bugs

  • Mouse visible in one of the intro screens of the OS/2 version
  • Palette glitches when exiting a dialog (to be confirmed)
  • Some random crashes when hitting F5/F7 due to text arrays memory issues (to be confirmed)

Original bug

  • While discussing with the man with the newspaper outside the apartment, there's a subtle glitch on the lips at the end of each sentence. (note: VISU_PARLE, animation index 22)
  • Some non-optimal path-finding issues
  • City Map: The birds flying over the buildings are occasionally masked by the buildings. Same thing with the smoke from the chimney. Both are sometimes also off-by-one pixel. The priority bug is event worst when the car is hidden by the batiment. In this case the smoke from the chimney is always hidden.