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'''Hoyle Classic Games''' is the fifth in the [[Hoyle's Official Book of Games series|Hoyle series]] of licensed computer game simulations of popular non-electronic games.  This volume is a collection of card games (Draw Poker, Bridge, Cribbage, Gin Rummy, Hearts, Solitaire, Old Maid, and Crazy 8's) and board games (Backgammon, and Checkers). There are different opponents to compete against and they can be selected from a list of business or icons pictures. Each opponent has a bio and a different skill level (beginner, average, or expert). Some games are single-player, while others are played by two or four players.
The pace and response time can be adjusted with a slider, games can be replayed, and there is a help button that explains the interface. The game keeps tracks of your score through an 'average' rating, based on the points. There is a button to explain each of the game's rules and and arrow shows who's turn it is.
Along with '''Hoyle Classic Games''', Sierra released 2 derived collections: '''Hoyle Bridge''' and '''Hoyle Children's Collection''' (which includes Crazy 8's, Old Maid, and Checkers).
Here's the blurb from the game:
<blockquote>''The Sierra Original Hoyle games, '''Bridge''' and '''Children's Collection''', are derived from '''Hoyle Classic Games'''.  Whatever your favorite, you just might find it in '''Hoyle Classic Games'''.  This latest in the Hoyle series includes eight card games (Poker, Bridge, Crazy Eights, Gin, Hearts, Old Maid, Cribbage, and Solitaire) and two board games (Backgammon and Checkers).  What's more, '''Hoyle Classic Games''' provides opponents when you want to play, not when you can get four people to agree on a time and place.    Draw Poker is the new card in the Hoyle hand.  You can ante, bet, fold, and bluff against characters with their own habits and quirks (developed especially for this edition of Hoyle).  You can even change the atmosphere: customize the screen to set the game in the Old West, for example, without having to worry about cigar smoke and bullet holes in your living room.    '''Hoyle Classic Game'''s also introduces the Attitude Meter: set the tone of the opposition, from serious to absurd.  In serious mode you get intense opposition and good manners.  In the absurd game you get sore losers and a breakdown in sportsmanship!    Don't let conflicting schedules stop you.  When you want to play backgammon you want to roll the dice now, not a week from Thursday.  '''Hoyle Classic Games''' is just what the classic game player has been looking for.''</blockquote>
'''Hoyle Classic Games''' shares the same game engine with [[Hoyle Solitaire]] which was released a year later.
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