Hugo's House of Horrors

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Hugo's House of Horrors
No Screenshot Available
First release 1990
Also known as Hugo's Horrific Adventure
Developed by Gray Design Associates
Published by Gray Design Associates
Distributed by Gray Design Associates
Platforms MS-DOS, Win 3.1
Resolution 320x200, 16 colors
Engine Hugo
Support Since ScummVM 1.3.0
Available for

Hugo's House of Horrors was the first game in the Hugo series. It is similar to Sierra's AGI games in that it is a graphic adventure game with a parser. The Windows version had optional mouse control. Hugo must enter a mansion, outsmart the residents inside, and save his girlfriend Penelope who was kidnapped and is being held captive in the basement.


The DOS version is shareware, and is available to download legally free of charge. The Windows version is available to purchase in a package with the other two games in the Hugo adventure game trilogy.

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