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All the games use a hack for textboxes

  • Hugo 1 Win is completable.
  • Hugo 2 Win is completable.
  • Hugo 3 Win is completable.
  • Hugo 1 Dos is completable.
  • Hugo 2 Dos is completable.
  • Hugo 3 Dos is completable (with a data hack).


  • Add support for specific textboxes (with yes/no buttons, waiting for a typed answer...)
  • Add windows menu bar (or not?)
  • Add support for DOS music
  • Rewrite save/restore of events
  • Merge icon and mouse pointer into one bitmap, in order to improve the mouser pointer look when using item
  • Move mouseHander() out of runMachine()
  • Add support for .FON (win2) font files used DOS versions

Known Bugs

  • Loading a game results regularly in a crash
  • In the 'plane' screen in H3 Dos, using the mouse to move from the plane to the exit on the left doesn't work
  • Several tiny glitches may be seen due to a priority bug in DOS versions:
    • H1 Dos, in the hallway: the ramp
    • H1 Dos, in the garden: the shed
    • H2 Dos, in the dog house screen: the dog house