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Name Hugo Engine TODO
Technical Contact(s) Hugo Engine Team
Subsystem Engine


All the games use a hack for textboxes

  • Hugo 1 Win is completable.
  • Hugo 2 Win is completable.
  • Hugo 3 Win is completable.
  • Hugo 1 Dos is completable.
  • Hugo 2 Dos is completable.
  • Hugo 3 Dos is completable (with a minor data hack).


  • Add support for .FON (win1) font files used in DOS versions (win2 font files are already OK). This is only used to display "HUGO'S" during Hugo 1 Dos intro.
  • Improve mouse support in DOS versions (if something is still required...)
  • Add support for prompt text-boxes (waiting for a typed answer...). Currently the prompt text-box is missing, and the mouse cursor is changed to the one from the GUI. This looks really weird, particularly when an object is selected. Example:

Known Bugs