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List of all known bugs that occurred in the original versions. Issues marked with * have been fixed in ScummVM.

Pajama Sam 1

  • In the Target version, the game triggers an error when clicking on the grandfather clock, since two images are flagged as to reamp the palette, but are missing the actual RGBS blocks. [Bug #2029715]
  • In the Target version, the "Dogs Playing Poker" picture is drawn over the hat rack. [Bug #2029557]
  • In the HE80 version, an invisible sock can occur in the FPath location, which will trigger error, when placed onto the basket in the Laundry location. [Bug #2008898]
  • In the HE80 version, examining the gold in the mine, after mining the gold, can cause a missing segment of speech (and subtitles), due to script bug (actor is set to the string color).*