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i - unknown<br>
i - unknown<br>
shift i - unknown<br>
shift i - unknown<br>
t - Change the direction of puck<br>
t - Changes the direction of the puck<br>
|IAmTheMoose||Set to 71595, the toucans tell an extra joke about a moose
|IAmTheMoose||Set to 71595, the toucans tell an extra joke about a moose

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HE Games INI settings

Setting Description
AutoPlay Game with automatically play itself, using random actions
-AutoPlayGoToRoom AutoPlay will go to room number
-AutoPlayLoadGame AutoPlay will load game
-AutoPlayTouchDoors AutoPlay will use doors
-AutoPlayTouchInventory AutoPlay will use inventory
BlackAndWhiteCursors Use black and white cursor images
CDGamePath Path to check for data files (When playing from CD)
DisplayHELogoTest Display the result of HE logo speed test
ForceMachineSpeed Set machine speed type
HideAllText Hide all text in the game?
InventoryPopY Set Y position of mouse pointer, that will trigger inventory
LastGame The code of path used for last game.
LastGameWon The code of path used for last completed game.
NoBackgroundSound Disable background sound effects
NoBKAnims Disable background animations
NoBKSounds Disable background sound effects
NoKeyboardClickable Disable animations triggered when pressing keys on keyboard
NoMusic Disable music
NoPrinting Disable printing
NoQuitButton Disable quit button
NoRightButton Mouse uses single mouse button (For Macintosh versions)
PlaybackAutoPlayFile Auto play back commands from file
-DebugOutputFile File to loaded auto play back commands from
SaveGamePath Path to save games to.
SetGame Set the paths for game completion
showdialogfilename Show the filename prefix for subtitles
SlowMachineInventory Disable inventory animations (In Pajama Sam series & Spy Fox series)
SputmDebug Enable debug mode (Needs correct value for game)
TextOn Enable subtitles
Freddi Fish 1
BottleLocations Set locations of the bottles
BretIsTheOverlord Allows EddieEatsLuther setting to be used multiple times, otherwise EddieEatsLuther setting is removed after first use.
EddieEatsLuther Click on Luther, when facing Eddie, to see hidden scene when enabled.
EnableFishBradSword Enable animations of dead fish on sunken ship (Room 49)
OnTheLevel Set the level of mini game
PeteIsAlsoTheOverlord Allow EnableFishBradSword setting to be used multiple times, otherwise EnableFishBradSword setting is removed after first use.
Freddi Fish 2
E3Demo Set to 72296, to see the E3 demo.
LateNightClassCam Set to 72296, turns blackboard in school into camera.
SeeGhostScenes Set to 72296, always see ghost inside the school
TrapParts Set locations of trap parts
UrchinLocations Set locations of the urchins
Freddi Fish 3
ProngLocations Set locations of the prongs
SamTeaser Show advertisement for Pajama Sam before game
TheThief Set character of the thief
TheWalletOwner Set owner of found wallet
TheCrystalColor Set color of crystal used to free Luther in maze
ThePhrasebookFlag Set flag in phrase book used to talk with Horst
TheGardenLevers Set garden levers used
UrchinLocations Set locations of the urchins
Freddi Fish 4
ActorStackScan Scan the actor stack?
FourthTime Set to c or C, to enable debug rooms
HatPath Set path used to find hat
HatColorNeeded Color of the hat required
HideoutCode Code to enter the hideout
NutShapeNeeded The type of nut shape required
StarfishColorNeeded Color of starfish required
TheThief Set character of the thief
TiePath Set path used ot find tie
WoodPuzzleSize Size of wood required
Freddi fish 5 
completedJawfishClamPath Completed the jawfish clam path
completedJawfishAnemonePath Completed the jawfish anemone path
completedDrillbookClamPath Completed the drillbook clam path
completedDrillbookAnemonePath Completed the drillbook anemone path
IdRatherBe Set to c or C to enable debug rooms
Pajama Sam 1
E3Demo Set to 90996, to see the E3 demo.
NoStinkinSocks Enable to wash socks, each time a sock is found
Pajama Sam 2
E3Demo Set to 60598, to see the E3 demo?
GameFinished Set value of last game path completed
GameSetup Set value of game path
Pajama Sam 3
Bean-on-Strike Set Bean path to strike
Bean-Unsorted Set Bean path to unsorted
Cape-Location Set location of Pajama Sam's cape
Chuck-in-Balloon Set Chuck path to Balloon
Chuck-on-Ledge Set Chuck path to Ledge
Custom-Game Set value of custom game
EatCheat Set to b or B to enable debug rooms
Granny-Crowd-Surfin Set Granny path to Crown Surfing
Granny-in-Caramel-Pit Set Granny path to Camerel Pit
Pierre-on-Ferris-Wheel Set Pierre path to Ferris Wheel
Pierre-in-Prize-Booth Set Pierre path to prize booth
WTO Set to s or S, changes the costumes of the sweet troops (Seen in room 32, after leaving jail) to Police style uniform.
Putt-Putt Enters the Race
StateSpeed Set to 1, to display the video speed on startup.
Speed Set to r or R, to enable debug rooms.
Putt-Putt Saves the Zoo
Gibbon Set to 71595, the gibbons will use extra rhythms.
HolyMoley Set to 71595, shows an extra animation of golpher saying it, when clicking on the golpher hole, near the lion's home (Room 25)
I�Porkdude Set to 71595, enables these additional keys during the ice hockey mini game:

4 - Gives goal score of 4 to both players
9 - Gives game score of 9 to both players
c - Hide the cursor
shift c - Show the cursor
k - Hide the polar bear
shift k - Show the polar bear
f - Faster puck
shift f - Slower puck
g - Changes the size of the goals
i - unknown
shift i - unknown
t - Changes the direction of the puck

IAmTheMoose Set to 71595, the toucans tell an extra joke about a moose
ICanDrive Set to 71595, adds car license to photo album at end of game
MellowRapids Putt-Putt stops during rapids, to allow easy choice of directions.
MoveInHerds Set to 71595, causes Putt-Putt to say it, when looking over the herds of animals (Room 19)
NoWaterSound Disable water sound effects
SuperCool Set to 71595, to enable debug mode
UpChuck Set to 71595, eat 10 lots of candy floss to see Putt-Putt throw up.
Putt-Putt Travels Through Time
LockChoice Set the type of lock used by the chest in the dessert
SuperCool Set to 71595, to enable debug rooms
Spy Fox 1
E3Demo Set to 90997, to see the E3 demo.
TransBigCheater Set to m or M, to enable debug rooms
StizeveIsTheBizomb Related to the mini game
WhosABigCheater Set to i or I, to enable debug rooms
Spy Fox 2
FoxTimesTwo Set to c or C, to enable debug rooms
arcadecheat Enable to choose level to start in mini game
editor-enabled Enable to use custom made levels, in the mini game
turbo Enable to increase speed of the mini game.
Spy Fox 3
ForceLand Force land path
ForceWater Force water path
ShowPalette Shows palette
WhosABigCheater Set to i or I, to enable debug rooms