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IRC Channel Project Service
URL(s) irc://
Purpose Provides a place for developers and users to meet and discuss
Maintainer(s) Eugene Sandulenko (Sev)

For all kinds of live discussions we use #scummvm @ IRC channel. The channel has a password set to "scummvm" to prevent general spambots from joining the channel as has happened in the past. All ScummVM developers get an operator status there, so if you have some questions, talk to them. There are several notes about usage of this medium:

  • IRC is not the best place for informing everyone about some important development conclusions. I.e. when you discussed something and came up with a solution, it's best to e-mail results to scummvm-devel. That is, don't expect everyone in the team to know that you uttered something at #scummvm.
  • All developers who want to get operator status should register with NickServ. Assistance with registration is provided here.
  • Most people on FreeNode have so-called anti-spam feature turned on. That is, you will not be able to PM them unless you registered with NickServ

We have several bots living there:

  • LeChuck -- our own bot. It's primary usage is infobotting and logs.
  • Scummette -- commit notification bot. It notifies on all commits and PRs.
  • scummvm-bugs -- Bug bot. It notifies when a ticket is open or closed on our Bug Tracker.
  • ScummBot -- build bot. It notifies when one or more ports change their status. There's more information on the Buildbot page.
  • Grogbot -- provides a bridge between IRC and our Discord Server, so that all messages appear on both platforms.

IRC logs are stored at: