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|Director buildbot slave
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This article documents the current server infrastructure. It should be updated as soon as a new VM or physical machine is deployed.

Server overview
Hostname Usage Status Location Type Managed by
pve-node-1.scummvm.net Proxmox Host Operational manitu GmbH, St. Wendel, Germany Physical machine rootfather
ron.scummvm.net Website, FRS, Cloud, Forums, Wiki, Planet, Matomo, Mailing Lists Operational pve-node-1.scummvm.net VM rootfather
tim.scummvm.net Trac, Weblate Operational pve-node-1.scummvm.net VM rootfather
roberta.scummvm.net Buildbot, Grogbot, Doxygen Operational pve-node-1.scummvm.net VM rootfather
charles.scummvm.net Mail server In progress pve-node-1.scummvm.net VM rootfather
al.scummvm.net Next generation buildbot In progress pve-node-1.scummvm.net VM rootfather
sand.enderboi.com LeChuck & logs.scummvm.org Operational HostAway Pty Ltd, Perth, Australia VM Endy
buildbot.projecttycho.nl Director buildbot Operational Netherlands VM rvanlaar
john.scummvm.net Director buildbot worker Operational pve-node-1.scummvm.net VM rvanlaar