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alternateNames=Jack Orlando|
alternateNames=Jack Orlando|
developer=[[TopWare Programmy]]|
developer=[[TopWare Programmy]]|
publisher=[[TopWare Entertainment]]|
publisher=[[TopWare Interactive]]|
distributor=[[TopWare Entertainment]]|
distributor=[[TopWare Interactive]]|
platforms=DOS, Windows|
platforms=DOS, Windows|

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Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure
No Screenshot Available
First release 1997
Also known as Jack Orlando
Developed by TopWare Programmy
Published by TopWare Interactive
Distributed by TopWare Interactive
Platforms DOS, Windows
Resolution 640x480, 256 colors
Engine Orlando
Support Not yet
Available for

Jack Orlando: A Cinematic Adventure was an adventure game developed by TopWare Programmy, the Polish development division of TopWare Entertainment. The game follows Jack Orlando, a private detective in the post-prohibition 1930s United States. He is framed for murder and has only 48 hours to find the real murderer and clear his name.

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