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Status of the Kyra engine

The current Kyrandia engine in the ScummVM CVS can play through most parts of Kyrandia 1; some graphics glitches still exist and sound/music is not enabled yet. CD version is working. The data file needed can be found in the cvs module "engine-data".

Help is welcome. If you want to help look at our IRC channel for cyx or LordHoto and ask them if that could be done.

Kyrandia 1 is currently playable from the start up to:

 End confrontation (since there don't appear any serious issues before that)

current showstoppers:

  • Malcolm doesn't seem to appear in the Kyragem room (WARNING: STUB: cmd_walkMalcolmOn!)


  • fix minor gfx bugs (see room 52 and 218), also some other rooms override parts of the interface
  • implement the missing opcodes
  • implement sfx
  • implement the menu
  • implement of the end sequence (since it is partially 'hardcoded')

Status of the Source Release

Negotiations for the release of the source to Kyrandia (and possible freeware release) have been conducted with Electronic Arts LA. The original code and assets from the Westwood-era have been confirmed to still exist on backups.

Action has stalled, mostly due to confusion over the franchise ownership and licensing. As of the last update, EA has reconfirmed their ownership of the rights.

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