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This page lists the rooms and maps in Hand of Fate, playable through ScummVM's Kyra engine. With 86 rooms there are considerable fewer locations in HoF than in Kyra1 (room numbers 0-85)

The rooms can be accessed through the debugger (hotkey ctrl + 'd'), with the command "enter [room number]"

The room list is saved in the text area in _START01.EMC (contained in MISC_EMC.PAK)

Non-playable rooms

  • 37 - Marko's home
  • 43 - Tunnel background when Zanthia falls down the shaft on Volcano Island
  • 44 - Zanthia calls Faun from underground Volcano Island
  • 61 - Sea background when the seamen toss her overboard on Volcano Island
  • 63 - Zanthia calls Faun from the city gate
  • 64 - Zanthia calls Faun from inside the city
  • 67 - Zanthia on the lift - Marko fights Hand close-up
  • 70 - Zanthia on the lift
  • 71 - Cutscene after Volcano Island underground, Zanthia flies to the mountains
  • 79 - Zanthia calls Faun from outside the rainbow cabin