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This page is a work-in-progress document listing VM opcodes of the Kyrandia games. Unless otherwise noted, these opcodes are based on Kyrandia 1. Cyx created the list of Cmd functions, clem and Lordhoto will try to fill in parameters and usage notes. If you have any additions, contact the ScummVM team on IRC.

It is assumed that the opcodes stay the same during all revisions of Kyrandia. A quick comparison between English 1.0 and English 1.3 seems to support this. Generally the list is created by analysis of 1.0 script.

Hint: To disable an opcode/command pair in the compiled scripts, overwrite it with 4C 00 (add sp,00).

Unimplemented functions

 cmd_runNPCScript              stub 07 - not used
 cmd_loadSoundFile             stub 3E - not used
 cmd_specificItemInInventory   stub 4B - not used
 cmd_specificItemInInventory   stub 4B - not used
 cmd_mobileCharacterInScene    stub 4D - not used
 cmd_hideMobileCharacter       stub 4E - not used? (many false positives, but since 
                                           unhide isn't implemented I don't think that exists)
 cmd_unhideMobileCharacter     stub 4F - not used
 cmd_pageFlip                  stub 65 - not used
 cmd_addItemToInventory        stub 69 - not used
 cmd_intPrint                  stub 6A - not used
 cmd_setPaletteRange           stub 84 - not used
 cmd_setPlayingLoop            stub 92 - 2 times used (GRAVE.EMC, CAVEB.EMC - only used on failing copy
                                            protection, exit do DOS )
 cmd_resetMaskRegion           stub 97 - not used