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Savegames in Kyrandia 1 are called _kyra???.sav (_kyra000.sav is the first savegame). Each file is between 1.5kbyte and 2kbyte in size. (What happens if there are more than 1000 savegames?)

This reference exists for two reasons: firstly it may prove useful for debugging (as it is possible to inject any item into the original game as well as to teleport into any room), secondly it might be possible to import original savegames into a recreated VM some day.

 (hex)   (dec)
 offset  length  meaning
 00-1D   30	name (rest filled with 0x00), may contain junk from older savegame name after first 0x00 though
 1E-21   4	'MBL1'
 22      1	version? values:
 	          0x00 (mac?)
 	          0x01 (1.0 game?)
 	          0x0D (1.3 game?)
 	          0x11 (1.7 game?)
 	          0x12 (1.8 games?)
 	          todo: 3.7 games (talkie), Amiga, FM Towns
 23-2B   8	unknown (always 0x00?)
 2C-2D   2	music
 		  0x0001=on (in fact everything >0 is on, but original saves 01 as on) (means offset 2C=0x01, 2D=0x00)
 2E-2F   2	sound
 		  0x0001=on (in fact everything >0 is on, but original saves 01 as on)
 30      1	walk speed:
 31      1	talk speed:
 32	  1
 		..X.....  is Brandon invisible				(0=false, 1=true)
 		......X.  is Brandon Will-o-Wisp (floating pink thing)	(0=false, 1=true)
 		.......X  is Brandon poisoned				(0=false, 1=true)
 52	1
 		..X.....  amulet visible (after altar)			(0=false, 1=true)
 		.....X..  unknown (disabled at start, enabled by the time you are in locked in cave)
 53	1
 		..X.....  talk scene when leaving gemcut already done?	(0=false, 1=true)
 55	1	.....XX.  unknown - Merith subgame enabled? (Merith in trunk.emc)
 56	1
                X.......         pinecone placed in hole				(0=false, 1=true)
                .X......         Hugiflora is out of ground			(0=false, 1=true)
 57	1
                X.......         red amulet part enabled				(0=false, 1=true)
                .X......         yellow amulet part enabled			(0=false, 1=true)
 	       ...X....	unknown (disabled at start, enabled by the time you are in swamp)
                ......X.         walnut placed in hole				(0=false, 1=true)
                .......X         acorn placed in hole				(0=false, 1=true)
 58	1
                ......X.         blue amulet part enabled			(0=false, 1=true)
                .......X         pink amulet part enabled			(0=false, 1=true)
 5D	1
                ......X.         Kallak's note decrypted				(0=false, 1=true)
 60	1
                ......X.         protection screen, if 0, Brendan says a line 	(0=false, 1=true)
 6B	1
                ....X...         copy protection already passed?		 	(0=false, 1=true)
 80-81	2	room ID; stuff like 0x0100 works, but weird results (see Room list)
 88-91   10	inventory slots (0xFF = empty) (see Item list) (see also offset 0x0636)
 92-93	2	Brandon's position: x-coord (left-right) (smaller=left, bigger=right) (0x00FF: about 3/4 to the right)
 94-95	2	Brandon's position: y-coord (top-down) (smaller=top, bigger=down)     (0x0086 is the bottom-most possible)
 		(note: coords from top-left of the screen? (not from playfield but including border?)
 022E		sth to do with current room/current script?
 0636		mouse pointer item (if you picked up item when saving, then the index for item is saved here)
 		0xFF = standard pointer/no item picked up
 ????-EOF	variable stuff, changes even if nothing else changes between saves (stack? stack pointer? code pointer?)

Todo (other events to check)

  • is cave locked? (how many stones placed yet?)
  • cave iced?
  • malcolm ice cave scene?
  • merith in which screen?
  • altar fixed? (altar.emc)
  • 4-gem temple status
  • Herman already at work with saw?
  • bridge fixed?
  • willow healed?
  • well fixed?
  • bird healed?