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Name Kyra Engine TODO
Technical Contact(s) Kyra Engine Team
Subsystem Engine


  • Complain if no game data was found in specified directory instead of assert() and producing bunch of useless warnings.
  • Refactoring (and along with it hopefully saving binary size...)
  • Revise "skipFlag" handling in Kyrandia 1 code.

Bugs Also in the Original

In the following you will find a number of bugs which actually already occur when using the original interpreter / .EXE. That is, those errors are bugs in the games themselves, not in ScummVM. Still, we sometimes are able to implement workarounds, meaning ScummVM at times works better than the original ;).

Note that neither of these lists is complete.

Not Yet Fixed

  • KYRA2: can't exit screen in German version. [Bug #1935224]
  • KYRA3: Slight game glitch at Underworld gates. [Bug #2568503]